By Liam Deegan

When a company whose sole aim is to make money off the backs of those less fortunate and gloat in the afterglow of their less than human exploits, they can expect a reactions which expose their questionable activities along with their paymasters questionable activities and objectives.

This same warning was given to several other companies and notable individuals that should they continue along the lines that they leave themselves open to inquiries into practices, financial details, their links to the media, the banks and ultimately the government.

Well today is a day that reveals K-TECH Security, working for Arthur Cox, Deloitte and PWC amongst others, have somehow obtained an injunction against the “ National Land League”. For those of you who don’t know who National Land League are, then I think you will find they work alongside The Anti-Eviction Task force and The National Citizens Movement, all three are dedicated groups of people who are committed to stopping K-TECH security, their paymasters and the Sheriff’s, dead in their tracks in order to save people’s homes from repossession.

And so to K-TECH Security:

The beneficial owners of K-TECH Security Ltd are Kevin and Patricia McGarry and K-TECH Security are also the beneficial owners of another Irish registered company called K-TECH Security Investments Ltd, who in turn are the owners of three companies registered in the Isle of Man.

These companies are as follows:
1. K-TECH OVERSEAS LIMITED – Patricia McGarry / Kevin McGarry
2. K-TECH IOM HOLDINGS LIMITED – Patricia McGarry / Kevin McGarry
3. K-TECH DESIGNS LIMITED – Patricia McGarry

These companies were registered at PO BOX 227 Clinches House, Lord Street, Douglas. This is also the registered address of The Trident Trust Company (IOM) Ltd. This Trident Trust Company also happens to have their head office in the Caribbean. K-TECH Security Investments Ltd also have an offshore company called Birchstead Ltd, which is registered to Trident Chambers, Road Town, Tortola, PO BOX 146, British Virgin Islands.

It appears K-TECH Security Investments Ltd which is registered to an Irish address belonging to K-TECH Security in 7A Bridgecourt Office Park, Walkinstown, Dublin 12 transferred shares from K-TECH Security Investments Ltd to the offshore company on the 6th of November 2013

Just to avoid doubt of what Trident Trust are, they are effectively an offshore facilitator to take money out of the reach of the Revenue Commissioners or any tax authority using a series of trusts designed to complicate and confuse the average journalist or investigator. They have facilities in every other known country which assists in the moving of funds from one jurisdiction to another without the “normal complications”. Let me give you an example of what their activities include:

“English trusts established by non-resident and non-domiciled Settlers with non-UK assets will be treated as non- resident trusts and exempt from UK inheritance and capital gains taxes. This exemption applies to trusts administered in the UK by a professional UK Trustee. The appointment of a non-resident Trustee also will ensure that the trust is exempt from UK income taxes”… TAX AVOIDANCE !

A Few Opening Questions for Kevin and Patricia McGarry

1. Which large and well known firm facilitated you in setting up the companies in the Isle of Man and advised you on how to set up an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands or did you do all of this complex work all by yourselves, which is highly unlikely as it requires a substantial knowledge of tax procedures?

2. Where do you get your information or data concerning any repossession attempts and are you licensed to receive such information as you are not listed on The Data Protection Commissioners register as K Tech Security are not authorised to receive any third party data that contains sensitive and personal information?

3. Have you declared your interest in the offshore company (Birchstead Ltd) to the Irish Tax authorities?

4. How much funds have you transferred to Birchstead Ltd in the British Virgin Islands through your Isle of Man companies and have you informed the Irish Tax authorities?

5.Why is Patricia McGarry listed as the sole director of one of the Isle of Man companies – K-TECH DESIGNS when you (Kevin McGarry) are also a beneficial owner?

6. How has a small Irish security firm managed to accrue millions of Euro as shown in your 2013/14 accounts as lodged to the CRO?

7. Can you account for why your Irish accountants and auditors signed off on accounts in the knowledge that you may have been transferring company shares and funds to overseas companies which are beneficially owned by Kevin and Patricia McGarry or did you even inform them in order for them to meet their own legal obligations with regard to informing the Revenue Commissioners that any such transactions over a certain value were taking place?

8. As The Revenue Commissioners are focused on persons and companies who have undeclared tax liabilities in respect of transfers and settlements of property, assets and funds to / on trusts and offshore structures, such as, foundations, establishments, trust enterprises and offshore companies or have tax issues in relation to profits or gains arising within, or disbursements out of, such trusts or structures,have you, you’re auditors, you’re accountants or you’re legal advisers made any third party return declaration or have you instructed any of said parties to return same?

9. Did your business bank (under lawful obligation) inform the Revenue Commissioners as set out in Section 24 of the Criminal Justice Act of 2013 of any or all occasional transactions from your Irish accounts to the Isle of Man and onto the British Virgin Islands account?

10. Are all of your staff including management authorised by the Private Security Authority to hold current individual and contractor licences?

*If K-TECH Security Ltd, its directors and beneficial owners have nothing to hide then I am quite sure that they won’t mind answers the facts as laid out above…

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