Gardai who whistle blow being intimidated , harassed, bullied, falsely arrested



By Joe O Brien

Gardai who whistle blow on corruption involving senior gardai and the justice department are being intimidated , harassed, bullied, falsely arrested, falsely accused of trumped up charges by High Ranking Officers, so as to ruin their reputation and make people believe they are bad eggs, when in fact its the high ranking officers that are corrupt.

Senior gardai get NBCI to investigate and stitch up the members who are whistle blowing so as to drive them over the edge and drop their complaints of corruption. Approx 20 garda/sergeants have reported corruption and have been bullied and intimidated so badly, some even contemplated suicide.

Sergeant whistle blower Maurice Mc Cabe

Garda whistle blower John Wilson

Whistle blower Garda Keith Harrison

Whistle blower Garda Nicky Keogh

Sergeant whistle blower Michael Buckley                 ;

Sergeant whistle blower Christopher Power

Garda whistle blower John Kelly

Garda whistle blower William Browne

Garda whistle blower Jack Doyle

Garda whistle blower Andrea Fitzharris

Garda whistle blowers reported embezzlement

A number of female Garda whistle blowers reported sexual assaults, fraud and corruption
One female sergeant who reported serious garda corruption by high ranking officers has been abused so badly and defamed
by corrupt senior gardai.

Joe Doocey and others like Ian Bailey, stephen Manning, Stepen Kerr, intimidated , harassed, bullied, falsely arrested, falsely
imprisoned by corrupt detectives from NBCI Harcourt square for
exposing corruption in justice.

Senior gardai try to shut gardai up by assaults, intimidation, harassment and bullying

Every garda and sergeant that reported senior garda corruption to Oliver Connelly was warned off or ignored and then isolated and bullied by garda management

“John Wilson said he made a formal complaint on April 4th, 2012 to the then confidential recipient, Oliver Connolly, but he received no response”

Gardai have no where to turn to to report corrupt senior gardai their last resort is to send letters and emails around.
A witch hunt was set up by NBCI and senior gardai to catch the gardai who was reporting the true corruption being committed by commissioner F Fanning.

A number of gardai have committed suicide as a result of senior garda bullying and it is not getting any better for garda whistle blowers