By Liam Deegan

RTE’s Sharon Ní Bheoláin, by her disgraceful and targeted attack on the Web Summit and it’s founders, sent a sneeringly cold message to any entrepreneur or business that wishes to invest time and money into the flagging economy that they are not welcome especially if you don’t dance to the government’s tune. No such attack on tax dodgers Sharon Ní Bheoláin such as Denis O’Brien or any other multi-national tax dodging CEO’s appear to be the order of the day with RTE and this government. No sirree… They love their tax dodging friends!

Ní Bheoláin’s outrageous and personal attack on the Web Summit’s founder Paddy Cosgrave and co-founder Daire Hickey was undoubtedly a proxy attack by the government.To use the national broadcaster to throw their toys out of the pram on their behalf, shows a lack of maturity on behalf of senior members of the government. It is highly unlikely that they would subject the CEO of Bank of Ireland or the CEO of Microsoft Ireland to such a sustained and nasty attack. Nope, banks and corporations are to be shielded from the eyes and ears of the great unwashed at all costs!

However and it is a big juicy one… Ms Ní Bheoláin did give us food for thought when she impolitely asked Mr Hickey, “did the Web Summit pay for traffic Calming measures or pay for Garda resources or outriders to accompany VIP’S?”. I was especially taken with the “who pays for the Garda resources” question as it raises more questions than answers regarding Irish Water and the “attendance” of An Garda Siochana at water metering installations.

Irish Water and the government claim that Irish Water is a commercial standalone entity and should be treated as such. In my experience every commercial event that is not run or organised under government departmental auspices and that is attended to by a Garda presence (such as concerts) is subject to hefty charges by the Department of Justice.

I think people know what’s coming next… Are Irish Water or the water meter contractors paying the Department of Justice for members of An Garda Siochana to attend the installation of water meters?

The government say that they are only there to keep the peace but on many occasions Gardai have turned up where no resistance was forthcoming by anyone, including residents and yet still stood around for the day scratching their proverbial’s. So does Irish Water or the contractors also pay for traffic calming measures and disturbances to residents when installing meters? Not likely would be the answer there too, there’s a “free Garda in every box” there for that!

If there is no credible threat to water meter installation contractors and the Gardai are present regardless, which is often the case, does that mean that Irish Water and the contractors are footing the bill or is the huge waste of Garda resources in political policing going to continue unabated for the taxpayers?

To be clear,people are not protesting by choice. People are not asking to be beaten and falsely jailed by the men and women tasked to protect its citizens which includes the judiciary. People are protesting because they are tired of a government that has consistently robbed them. People are tired of the few being enriched by a corrupt government. People have taken all they can take… end of story!

A perfect description of this government in a few words: Never has so much money been wasted by so few in order to enrich the even fewer…

And we leave it at that!