Garda sink to a new low

Joe doocey

The persecution of Joe Doocey and his family continues with garda sinking to a new low.

Yesterday, May 26th 2015, the Guards arrested Joe Doocey’s partner Anne, a woman who has never been in trouble in all her life, outside the place she worked. She was driven to a Garda station in Claremorris, a town almost an hour away, despite her informing them that she really needed to use a toilet. (they put plastic on the seat in case she wet herself in the car).

Garda then questioned her over a 12 hour period in matters that she knew nothing about. For a period of time, she was locked in a filthy cell with a hole in the floor for a toilet like she’s some sort of criminal. There was no solicitor present. The only solicitor she was able to contact by phone told her she didn’t need a solicitor as it was only questioning and she was well able to handle it. No solicitor came to her aid. The detectives were sent from Dublin.

She was finally released without any charges at about 1.30 in the morning, a full 12 hours after she was arrested and bundled into a car outside her place of work. When she got home, there was an email from her employer waiting for her. It basically said she was fired and not to come to the place of work again. How can this be called justice?

Is it legal for her to be fired like that without even an explanation?

For all they know it could have been a case of mistaken identity

You know that old saying …innocent until proven guilty?