Garda Incompetence makes Judge issue Bench Warrant for my Arrest

Drogheda garda station

By Antz

Now, from the outset I need to be very clear about this. NOT all Gardai are Dis-honest. Nor am I accusing any of the Gardai involved in my case of Dis-Honesty. But I am accusing them of Failure, in allowing themselves to be used by a Private company to carry out Deception. And in doing so, allowing me to become a target of victimisation.

I know deep down the two Gardai involved in my case are uncomfortable with how this case is proceeding but they feel they must obey orders. They are never for challenging those who claim to be in authority. But if they were to educate themselves as to why certain High ranking Gardai in Drogheda are baying for my blood then maybe they would think twice about their actions. But when I get my day in Court I will defend my name with every ounce of strength I have. There is so much more to this case than they know.

Although I was due before Drogheda District Court on Friday 10th April – in what my solicitor termed only up for mention – the case would not proceed. We have still not received the book of evidence against me – 4 months after the apparent incident over which I have been charged, I may add.

My partner was 39 weeks and 4 days Pregnant and as a result of pregnancy diabetes was due to be inducted on – yes you have guessed it – Friday 10th April. So I contacted the Garda who had charged me and informed him of my situation. He said he would call me back: he had to speak to his superior. Some 40 minutes later I got a call back and he informed me that it shouldn’t be a problem “just inform your solicitor”. Which I did. He stated it’s the perfect reason not to be in court, as “no-one would want you to miss your child’s birth.” So on Thursday 9th April, as was arranged with the Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, my partner presented to them for her induction. All was going well, but as the labour had not kicked in it became a waiting game.

While at my partner’s side I got a call from my Solicitor’s office stating the Gardai were looking for my partner’s name and Date of Birth to check with the hospital if she had indeed been taken in to start labour. Although this was annoying I, against my better judgment, gave them the details they requested. My partner wanted me by her side so I was willing to do anything to make that happen.

After a long night and various procedures I got a call at 11am the next morning, Friday 11th April. It was my solicitor informing me that the Judge was issuing a Bench Warrant for my Arrest. The Gardai had failed to inform the judge that I contacted them and seem confused as to why I was not there. Shocking and disgusting behavior or just a serious case of amnesia? I had to leave my distressed partner and present myself to the District Court in Drogheda. Luckily it was a 10 minute drive so I got there quickly.

When I arrived in court a girl was in front of the judge on murder and arson charge. She was given bail and released with only having to surrender her passport. She got a big thank you off the judge and a smile. Next up was me. I got no smile nor a thank you. I was released on continuing bail. I cannot enter any area where Water meter is been installed, seriously restricting my right to free movement. Even the girl on a murder charge was not requested to stay away from any areas. The bail conditions laid down on me are more stringent than the bail conditions handed down to Water Meter protesters by the high court in Dublin.

I am entitled to justice, not the vindictiveness characteristic of a judicial junta operating on behalf of a water mafia.