Friday in Limerick where there were 219 cases before the registrar


By The Hub Limerick Branch

Interesting day in court Friday in Limerick where there were 219 cases before the registrar, to be fair the registrar was determined to give everybody a chance but he did warn that the next day he will give orders to those who fail to turn up, you must turn up.

There were approx 60 cases where he could have given orders but he gave everybody another chance. There were 2 orders given and both were with consent. One woman with 5 kids broke down in court and to be honest it is hard to watch, good news is we spoke to her afterwards and she went home feeling better knowing there is help. We got to most people who were in trouble so hopefully they will make contact and become empowered to stand and fight for their home.

One of the things that sticks with me was the amount of cases that involve broken families, where mostly women were there saying that the relationship had broken down and there was other proceedings to try and find out who would get the house. Whether directly or indirectly, the process of having family homes taken is disastrous to the family unit and must cause knock on effects.

People losing their family home and then their family, must be very difficult to take and i have no doubt whatsoever is directly linked to suicides, in fact i know it is. This is a crisis that is also taboo so too many people are suffering in silence, we must let these people know there is help.

While we were witnessing the cases today Kenny was across the river having a lavish breakfast with his buddies. We the people are the only ones who can solve this issue, we will be waiting a long time for him or his ilk to help us. We must unite and stand as one, stay strong and we will prevail.

The Hub-Limerick (Conor) reporting.