Freedom of Information Requests become a redacted infested farce

freedom of information

By ~Belenus

Not only has the Freedom of Information Requests become a redacted infested farce, but now we must endure a redacted infested media too? Why have the Irish People allowed this corruption to happen right under their noses? The powers that be have consistently flaunted this corruption right out in the open. What do people need? Enda running up and down Molesworth Street with a placard saying “We just f*cked you again! Oh and [REDACTED] says f*ck you too!”??

I am amazed how people are acting like they are somehow zoned out of reality, that none of this is actually happening and that the money involved, the astronomical amounts mounting to billions, have simply disappeared without a single trace and no one seems to care. Yet we complain over hospital trolleys, starving children, hell even those disgusting propaganda stories that the majority jump all over with their elitist selfish attitudes whenever the mere mention of welfare fraud is dragged up by a corporate media only too willing to stir the anger and deflect from what is really important, whether the fraud is real or imagined, might, MIGHT just have cost the State 10 million. I am not advocating that fraud should be excused, not at all. In fact if it’s actually real then show us the proof before demonising an entire section of society while ignoring the real fraudsters that are stealing the equivalent of 1,000 years on the dole for a family…

No one continues to question why any of the banks, particularly Anglo, were bailed out without question. No one questions why they formed NAMA and started to PAY the failed developers hundreds of thousands of euros just to keep up with the very wealthy Joneses that they had become accustomed to, even though their loans were paid off IN FULL by us. No one questions why IBRC even needed to exist at all and at what cost and who did it protect, and the big one, no one dared demand answers as to why, in a moment’s notice, so fast that the staff of IBRC weren’t even aware that the so called “Bank” they worked for was about to vanish in a DRUNKEN vote in the Dáil well past the hour of midnight. No one was allowed to ask why.

“It was not in the manner in which one normally expects to be made redundant. In this case the whole country watched as I and 800 people working for Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC) in the Republic were effectively sacked.”

All we’re looking for is a fair deal’ – An IBRC worker on the impact of liquidation

“TDs and senators drank nearly five times more alcohol than usual in their private bar in the Dail on the night the crucial Anglo liquidation bill was debated last February.”

A very liquid liquidation of IBRC in Dail members’ bar

People were told to just trust them. They knew what they were doing. This had to be done. It was all part of the process. Yeah, dragging the largely useless feckless TDs into the Dáil at a moment’s notice to sit getting drunk into the wee hours of the morning in order to dissolve a financial juggernaut vehicle that cost the tax payer untold billions is a perfect example of the process…. in Ireland that is.

And now when one, just ONE courageous inquisitive TD tries to find out just why a company that actually didn’t exist, actually got the tender to install meters, it opened up a whole can of worms that led all the way back to IBRC and the “deal” that allegedly has granted [REDACTED] the opportunity to repay his loans on his own terms that has ended up costing the Irish People, who are already struggling on ever increasing cuts, well over 30 million per year.

When Catherine decided to submit freedom of information requests, she was faced with the photo below…

That photo wasn’t just meant for Catherine. That photo was meant for every person who has suffered tax increases, levies, cuts to vital services, starvation for children going to school, evictions caused by bank repossessions, the list goes on…

That photo was meant for you, and [REDACTED] and the rest who were involved say “f*ck you” too..