Enda kenny
Enda kenny

When you see men like Frank Flannery (FORMER Fine Gael strategist) being weaseled back into the fold of his beloved Fine Gael then you know that something is up. Frank Flannery was one of two strategist’s who helped Fine Gael lie to the voters with regard to its election manifesto that saw them sweep to power in the last election.

Another strategist that also saw them grace the dail was Phil Hogan, who has been granted his wish by Enda the Fairy Godmother with his traitorous acts of bringing in the hated property tax and Irish Water. Since both men were sent packing so to speak, Fine Gael have floundered like a fish out of water and not one of the so called clever men in the party know where to turn next… hence the announcement of the return of the prodigal son that is Frank Flannery.

What is particularly ironic in Franks return is his forgiveness at the hands of The Committee on Procedure and Privileges. Because, a ruling by the Oireachtas Committee on Procedure and Privileges (CPP) meant he did not have to appear before Public Accounts Committee, Flannery was able to plead he should be spared the knife because of his previous position within Fine Gael.

What Frank conveniently leaves out is that The Committee on Procedure and Privileges is filled with his old friends with esteemed names such as:

Seán Barrett Fine Gael (Ceann Comhairle – Need I say more!)
Joe Carey Fine Gael
Martin Heydon Fine Gael
Paul Kehoe Fine Gael
John Lyons Labour

What the committee did was to exonerate Flannery in the knowledge that he is needed to steer the party away from the disaster that is facing Fine Gael as Hogan has allegedly refused to leave his beloved throne in Brussels to come back and help.

Frank Flannery
Frank Flannery

For a man like Flannery to slate the party and the dear leader with words like “dictatorship or North Korea”only a few months ago to be “invited to come back” is smacking of cronyism at its highest levels. However this shouldn’t be a surprise as both Fine Gael and Labour are so deep in bed together that one won’t go down on the other in case they suffocate from the smell of corruption and cronyism that pervades the corridors of Dail Eireann.

When Frank was throwing the toys out of the pram after being caught out in the Rehab affair, he went for the jugular and told the truth about Fine gael, however now he is looking through the glass and pleading innocent. Frank has recanted everything he said about his old cheque writers Fine Gael.

We the public have been paying for Frank and his ilk for thirty years by giving the Fine Gael party an allowance of several million per year and out of that slush fund, Frank gets handsomely rewarded to the tune of many thousands of Euro a year. In Addition Frank Flannery had received payments of more than €410,000 from Rehab for his consultancy work, all which adds up to a lifetimes wage for the majority of people.

Flannery being the narcissist that he is, stated that “Kenny will lose 40 seats without me”. Well we have news for you Frank… Kenny is going to lose everything with or without you!!

This is going to be the best election… EVER!