Fine Gael & Labour Cutbacks Since 2011



I would like to remind people what in BRIEF Fine Gael and right-wing Labour has done this last four years. This information MUST be hammered home to those also not on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter…
Here is a list of some of Fine Gael’s & Labour’s achievements since getting into power:
* Fuel Allowance Scheme CUT from 32 to 26 weeks
* Fuel Allowance CUT by 25%
* Rent Allowance CUT
* Clothing & Footwear Allowance CUT
* Disability Allowance entitlement age RAISED to 18
* Disability Allowance rates CUT for over 18’s
* Carer’s Allowance CUT
* Telephone Allowance AXED completely
* One Parent Family Benefit CUT for children over 7
* Child Benefit CUT – at three times under FG & right-wing Labour. (6 in total)
* Illness benefit qualifying period RAISED to 6 days from 3
* Invalidity Pension CUT
* Bereavement Grant AXED completely
* USC Charge Imposed
* College Fees RAISED
* Unemployment benefit for under 25s CUT in half
* 80,000 people emigrating per year.
* Medical cards taken off the sick, elderly and terminally ill
* Insurance Levy imposed
* Local Property Tax introduced
* Local services starved of finance — LPT proceeds donated to starving bankers
* Now even gift card tax sneaked quiet in.
* Still persisting nepotism and cronyism big time under FG & Labour.
Allowed ONE man alone to have mass control over our newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, water services, national petrol contracts to our Garda/army/ambulance services, reported even owns barriers used against protests, has an air flight company, Esat anyone? Bungs money towards FG and individuals within it, buying hospitals, water leak sourcing companies, threatened over 18 national journalists – and all this is PART of the stuff that we know little about! What the f**k has happened to Irish laws (never mind additional European) regarding monopolies?
Trying to ram TTIP down our throats.
Trying to ram their ‘internet tax’ down our throats.
Trying to ram forced water contracts down our throats.
Trying to ram forced health insurance business contracts down our throats.
Trying to ram more privatisation of our public services down our throats.
Selling or give away more of our forestry, our fishing rights, our gas, our oil, our bus services, our health care, our very water and on and on…
Why in god/spaghetti monster/Allah’s name would you bloody vote for any person and/or party thats willing to support and continue this crap? Wake the stupid up and tell them to kop themselves bloody on! I really am peed off with this crap.
If they think they are gong to have an easy walk at the next bloody general election, they are in for a rude awakening – I swear it!