EVERYONES A WINNER, , the four leafed clover continues to grow around their feet

four leafed clover

By Liam Deegan

Instead of investigating any particular individual politician or businessmen as I usually do, I am going to hit them all in one go this time…

Every TD in Dail Eireann is a winner and whether he or she stays or goes after the next election is immaterial as every TD has earned an average of €500,000 over the period of the life of that Dail. That sort of money would set most people up even if they lost their seats but what goes unmentioned or unrealised is that the merry go round continues no matter who gets in to power.

If you are in the winning party then you are in clover but even if you are in opposition, you are still in clover because you got your foot in the door, so who loses? One or two useless TD’s are consigned to the dustbin of political history, so no great loss there but for the rest, the four leafed clover continues to grow around their feet and they continue as before as if nothing happened. This is why our country is in political shreds because nothing has changed and will not change because those in power don’t want it to change.

The same political dynasties continue because of the greed and stupidity of the same voters who cannot let go of a mindset and loyalty that is linked to what how much money they can get from the taxpayer in the form of government grants and EU handouts . The same faces appear time after time, election after election in Dail Eireann, all because parish pump politics and misplaced loyalty has put them back in there.

There are a few notable politicians who do have a loyalty to the country and the people that they were voted in to represent but the reality is that there isn’t enough to make a change or to rock the boat in any meaningful way and this is why nothing will change in regards to bringing about real change that benefits the people instead of the political classes.

The political system encourages TD’s to gorge at the trough as the majority of politicians willingly do, but what does that say about the people who elected them in or the same people who willing accept everything that these same bottom feeding politicians decide to stick us with such as water charges, giving the go-ahead to the very people tasked with law enforcement to become private security contractors or a private company that is looking to steal our inalienable right that is water?

Every member of Dail Eireann present and past who voted for any law such as the Land and Conveyancing Act amendment (the eviction law) or the setup of Irish Water is guilty of the dereliction of their duty in ensuring that the people they serve are protected from outside influences such as socialised bank debt and acts of corruption from businessmen and politicians. Corruption that we expect to see in other notable countries whose name is supposedly synonymous with political corruption such as Romania and Nigeria.

What you don’t know is that almost every serving TD has made a pact. A deal if you like, to keep themselves in power in order to keep the merry go round, going around as it has done for the last 90 odd years. There is an election coming up shortly and the main parties are gearing up for what appears to be a war between themselves as they do every time an election appears on the radar.

Don’t be fooled as this is a huge smoke screen, because with the exception of a few good men and women, the majority of TD’s (should they be re-elected) are going to join forces and back the winner if they are falling short of holding a majority to form a government. In other words, Fine Gael will back Fianna Fail, Fianna Fail will back Fine Gael, Sinn Fein will back either to get into power but Labour will back anyone who takes pity on them.

The Fine Gael and Fianna Fail parties don’t want you to ruin their money spinning and lucrative enterprise by electing honest people who are not motivated by money or corruption. They have had just over ninety years to themselves with no breaks so its time we pulled the switch on their merry go round and sent them outside the fairground to look through the fence as we have being doing for that same ninety three years.

Now can you see why there are only winners in Dail Eireann?