Enda Kenny determined to fatten the Irish water calf to enrich Denis O’Brien

stephen bennett

Enda Kenny is determined to get as many water meters as possible installed before he calls a General Election. Two reasons.

To further enrich his and Fine Gael’s friend and sponsor Denis O’Brien.

To “fatten the calf” that is Irish Water so that it can be sold off (more than likely to the same O’Brien).

The communities who are courageously resisting water metering by Denis O’Brien’s GMC Sierra and others are demonized by the government and their subservient media lapdogs, beaten off the streets and arrested by a massive garda deployment (no expense spared) and assaulted, kicked, verbally abused, spat on by meter installers who are allowed to act as if they are above the law (Black & Tans anybody?)

Because a patriot like Steven Bennett who passionately cares about his country stood up to these bullies, they decided that he must be neutralized and so the forces of the state were deployed against him. Freedom of speech, freedom to peacefully protest, citizens rights are all anathema to the politically appointed fascists who masquerade as judges in this banana republic.