ENDA, Its a sickness he has


By Martin Farrell Radio Host and Journalist


It seems here we go again, “Corruption & More Corruption” I wonder how much monies were or will be put into the slush fund for prince Kenny to win the next election.
Are the people of éire led to believe that prince Kenny sold off 25% of air lingus for the benefit of the people, well that is laughable and i’ll tell you why people because prince Kenny is a man that cant tell the truth.
Its a sickness he has, He never could tell the truth. And now we have the prince not able to explain anything about his friend Dennis O Brien who’s another man with the same sickness.
Indeed most of the people in the dail suffer from the same sickness, its so sad.
I think we should all let them go home a few months early as there not well in themselves.
Princess Joan cant stop it either,
Prince Kenny is so fecked with this illness he’ll continue to destroy the country. send him home quick,
And if anybody reading this is asking themselves what would happen if we sent them on there merry way?
Would we get people in the dail that might be able to tell the truth and not like this shower of corrupt bas,,,,ds
or a more likely senario is they will be replaced with more of the same.
Rant Over