End Game!

We wont pay

By John Fairclough

The Hub, Carlow and Ballymun,
Will march this Saturday as one.
Along with all the other “says no”
We’ll tell these nazis where to go.

And when the Indo and RTE spin
The numbers down, and think they’ll win,
The thousands that in Dublin massed,
Prove water charges should ne’er been passed!

Come all fools day and all will wonder
And watch this government go under.
No payments made, we’re all agreed
This quango we refuse to feed.

And history records this time,
When Kelly, Kenny and O’Brien
Tried stealing money from our hands,
And we recalled the black & tans!

Pride in our island was reborn
The protesters became a thorn
And court injunctions were their ploy
To throw them handcuffed in the Joy.

But as our voices all were risen
They couldn’t keep them in that prison.
Let’s hope the crowds this Saturday,
Will prove our protestations pay