End austerity; burn the bondholders; reinstitute the social contract


By Tir Na Saor

Budgeting for 2016:

–Our low corporate tax makes us competitive; it is foreign direct investment won by those low taxes that has contributed to our meteoric growth in GDP this past year.

–We cannot maintain these low taxes and continue paying back the debt accrued by the terms of our bailout – therefore social services must be axed, and the poorest strata of society must be sacrificed.

–We therefore identify three factors broadly defining any budget proposal:

1 – Our corporate tax rates which make us the economic golden boy of the entire floundering Eurozone.

2 – The austerity demands of the Troika, necessary to pay back the bondholders following the bailout to rescue Anglo

3 – The social contract which must be shredded to pay for the preceding two factors.

…The course of action for Budget 2016 is simple, this being the case. End austerity; burn the bondholders; reinstitute the social contract and save the poorest members of our society and maintain the level of corporate tax to keep Ireland competitive and keep the economy growing.

It will piss off Europe, but the capital flowing into this country thanks to the corporate tax rate is American, not European – let Europe stamp and curse from the sidelines while we use American corporate dollars to feed our babies and house our sons and daughters.