Educate yourself on Sovereignty and the constitution

We are sovereign

By : Shaun The Sheep

It’s no wonder, resources are nearly never provided for when requested from representatives of the Royal Oireachtas. Do you ever wonder why? We never get what we ask for because we live in a suzerainty; an organized capitalist system, specifically geared towards controlling international relations and foreign affairs for our country.

The Crown tricks you into believing you are apart of a democratic society, except its not democratic at all. They have done this by manipulating our constitutional context to make our Government system seem complex. Let me simplify this enslavement system for you in one word: Sovereignty. Learn it and what it means! There is no power higher than you…

Please look up the word, or better yet, get yourself educated on the truth behind this entrapment system which we live within today. You can learn a wealth of information by tuning into Peoples Internet Radio in the evenings – The conclusion you will quickly come to while educating yourself is; the system which you thought you knew all so well has been exploiting you and poisoning your mind since kinder garden.