Edna the puppet, but who’s hand is controlling him

Enda Kenny puppet

By Martin Farrell Journalist and Presenter


It will become clear in the coming days, That this provisional Government will indeed ignore the will of the people and the thousands that marched on Saturday the 21 of march.

This so called Government has yet again dissolved Democracy and what it stands for, This Government or Enda INC, As he is blatantly working for some other entity other than the one he is paid to look after,  IE the people of EIRE.

This Government has shown yet again that We The People Don’t come into any consideration when it comes to our own country.

Enda Kenny is a puppet for the IMF  and ECB, Over 80 thousand people marched on Saturday against, Water charges out of a populace of 4.5 million.

Please add up the stats people we don’t want this and we will not pay for this.

The people who will gain from this is the banks and bankers ,THE IMF ,AND THE ECB not us the people, Not one

This Government today decided to come out with some fear porn,  saying they may have to take monies at source, PLEASE DON’T PANIC Folks stay calm it cant be done as this is a Private company.
They cannot take monies at source, Let them take three million people to court on this issue i’ll be first. We owe this to our kids and grand kids, Don’t pay again and remember they will all sacked very shortly anyway
Martin Farrell