Anti Austerity March

By Thomas Lynch
Duleek Against Water Charges have organised an Anti-Austerity march in the village on Saturday 23rd May commencing at 2 pm sharp.

We have invited five potential candidates for the 2016 general election in Meath East constituency to a 3-4 speech each. We also have invited the five to sign a public declaration that they will vote against any austerity measures which a new government may try to implement and declare that they will vote to overturn any austerity measures which are already in place at the earliest opportunity if they are elected to the Dáil.

The declaration also calls for the abolishment of TD’s pensions, abolishment of water charges and a lalt to any legislation which could force water bills been taken from peoples wages or social welfare.

The five invited speakers are: Seamus McDonagh WP, Ben Gilroy DDI, Senator Thomas Byrne FF, Cllr Darren O’Rourke SF and Cllr Sharon Keogan IND.

To date only two, Seamus McDonagh and Darren O’Rourke have accepted the invite and have declared they have no problem signing the declaration. Thomas Byrne has confirmed he will not sign the declaration of intent to the people of the East Meath constituency.

While Sharon Keogan said she may not be able to make the protest because of personal reasons which we accept she has been invited again to sign the declaration but we have had no reply. We are also awaiting a reply from Ben Gilroy but we do understand Ben has some personal committments to attend to.

The question we must ask is can you really vote for someone who will not give a committment to stand with the people, can you trust them if they are eleceted when they go in behind closed door in the Dáil?