By On The Spot Witness

Drogheda Municipal Council monthly meeting was disrupted a number of times last Monday night by members of Drogheda Against Water Charges, Termon Abbey Against Water Charges and Duleek Against Water Charges who were present at the meeting to highlight the arrest and imprisonment of five Dublin activists who were standing up for their rights to peaceful protest.

Chair and Lord Mayor of Drogheda Independent Councilor Kevin Callan formally a Fine Gael Councillor halted proceedings a number of times warning a protester who was holding a poster calling for the release of the Dublin five that he was inside the council chamber and asked him to return to the public viewing area.

It has to be noted that protesters at all times carried out a silent and dignified protest however it was clear from the outset that Gardai were aware of the protest taking place as they were stationed in the public area and adjoining rooms in large numbers along with been outside on the street. The actions of some of the Gardai who verbally abused a woman was nothing more than shameful and clearly the intention was to provoke a reaction.

When the meeting ended a protester attempted to hand Callan a motion calling for the council to condemn the arrest and imprisonment of five peaceful protesters in Dublin and demand their immediate release however Callan just smirked and ignored some questions been put to him.

As Callan left the building he was again asked to condemn the arrest and imprisonment of the Dublin five along with other questions regarding fluoride in the water system. Again he just smirked and refused to answer any questions. It was at this stage FF Councillor Tommy Byrne joined Callan and both were followed down West Street but continued to refuse to answer any questions been put to them by protesters.

Councillor Tommy Byrne at one point questioned where protesters were from and said they had no right been in the town of Drogheda. He said the people of Drogheda did not want them.

Eventually Kevin Callan entered the Westcourt Hotel in a vain attempt to avoid questions but this did not deter protesters from following him inside where they continued to ask very awkward questions which he continued to refuse to answer.

Duleek Against Water Charges question what right Councillor Byrne has to say people from outside the town are not welcome when earlier at the council meeting he was saying Drogheda Borough Council need to encourage people into the town to boost up the economy.

A further comment by Councillor Tommy Byrne was that protesters will turn people against the campaign so this must be an acknowledgement that the support is over whelming so the question is why are the councilors and the government not listening to them and abolishing the water charges.

Duleek Against The Water Charges call on Lord Mayor of Drogheda and Councilor Kevin Callan to condemn the arrest and imprisonment of the Dublin five and demand their immediate release. We further call on Callan to condemn the use of fluorite in the water and for Irish Water and the water charges to be abolished.

As it turned out both had nothing but contempt for the people questioning them, and these are supposed to represent the people.