Denis O’Brien was arrested at his home in Dublin 4 (Not Really)


By Con O Domhnaill

Denis O’Brien was arrested at his home in Dublin 4 this morning at 7am and questioned about whether he lived in Ireland because he was paying no tax here and had given his address as Malta.

He was also questioned about why his company GMC Sierra was intimidating householders and forcing them to “accept” water meters, and why he was employing thugs in balaclavas to spy on people. However, when gardai received phone calls from a Mr Paul Gilligan and a Mr Enda Kenny, close friends of Mr O’Brien’s he was released without charge and driven back to Dublin 4 by limousine accompanied by a garda escort.

In an editorial in the Irish Independent the gardai were criticised for political policing as Mr O’Brien is a well known Fine Gael supporter and supports democracy by putting his hard earned money into the blueshirts and they return the favor by helping him out with odd contract.

Well this didn’t happen really but BUT then, aren’t these the one’s who should be getting arrested. ? Something is terribly wrong in Ireland