By Liam Deegan

Poor Denis O’ Brien must feel like a watched man these days with all eyes on his movements as he traverses the globe in his taxpayer funded executive jet. Poor Denis hates being tracked or followed by all of those great unwashed hands tapping his aircraft registration into flight tracker software and following him with beady eyes, looking for where he is going to end up next.

Poor Denis has even gone to the trouble of having his minions contact the flight tracking software companies to ask them not to show his aircraft (Gulfstream G650, registration: M-GSIX) so that we the great unwashed can’t find him and keep a watchful eye on Ireland’s most notorious tax exile and close friend to the government.

To have to try and hide from the public gaze means that poor Denis is beginning to feel the heat from the attention and all because we know that he doesn’t live in Malta but a bit closer to home. London and Belfast are still a bit cold at this time of year but better than being so far away from home stuck on a little dusty island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and handy for hopping in and out of the country that poor Denis chose to exile himself from.

Connemara is also lovely at anytime of the year I hear, but one needs to wrap up well against the chill of the sea…Brrrrr!