By Frank Hayes

The ascent of humankind has been a process of social development from brutality and individualism to increasing respect for self, and for others, and for our neighbours, both near and distant. And a widening recognition of the collective essence of our being as a species! To be human is enough to qualify as sister or brother.

What county or country we might hail from, which pigmentation predominates in our pelt, how educational service has served us, these are merely matters of circumstance. However, there is more to education than the routine of schooling.

As beings possessed of both intellectual and emotional mental resources, we are capable of lifelong learning. Indeed, we cannot survive individually or socially without it, as the rapid development of social media on digital technological platforms demonstrates, new technology is creating a new type of human communication. And we are learning how to use these new attributes for the benefit of all. And not just all humanity, but all the world – including the other species and life forms.

It is because of, and in the context of the historical development of this great diversity of life forms, that we find ourselves (as one generation of humanity at this particular moment in time) existing. All nature is change. We are now conscious that this is the mode of existence of everything – constant development. Hence the need for constant education as human knowledge moves from error to truth, and from a truth less profound to a truth more profound – towards a deeper shared understanding.

With this – the product of our scientific understanding, and of the equally important artistic creative realisation of an honest, correct and viable world view, has come, this growing recognition that we are just one part of that broader nature, the universal whole, and not a separated or divinely ordained peculiarity. We must learn to think clearly and critically! We must cherish truth.

But for decades now, there has been a war on science. A battle to obfuscate truths. An official establishment campaign to deny reality in favour of a limited concoction of myths which are intended to mislead and prevent our grasping of this world and how it changes. An attempt to keep things as they are so the super-rich class of corporate capitalists, and their political enforcers, can hold on to the things they have taken from the rest of us – and somehow try to make that parasitism look acceptable! But this is a conspiracy that is failing!

We live in changing times. As we, the poor, grow poorer, and the rich get much richer, we can observe a war on human rights, on social responsibility, on truth and justice, and on the human values which many of us have assumed are our heritage and moral entitlement here in The Republic of Ireland.

The global corporation’s leading man on the island, Mr Denis O’Brien tries to muzzle democratic consideration of his corporate interests and practices. How he became a Billionaire in a few short years of association with a corrupted political and business establishment is a topic he does not want addressed.

Not in the many newspapers, radio stations, or on the TV Channel he has come to own and/or control.

Not in the ‘National’ electronic media, controlled largely by his corrupt political associates, which shrinks back from his threat of legal action against anyone who dares question his activities.

Not in the ‘parliament’ of the present Republic where many of his business interests dictate policy.

He now attempts to interfere with constitutionally recognised Dail Procedures to keep the cloak over his possibly dodgy dealings tightly obscure. Bribery and manipulation through bullying and political ‘donation’ are not, in his type of ‘democracy’, for public examination.

Nor is the wholesale disposal of publicly owned property and social service provisions by his tame menagerie of Billionaire’s Bailiffs in Merrion Square.

But each new imposition of Austerity Politics brings with it, an opposite and growing anger among the ordinary people from whom the collectively held resources of our society are being appropriated (stolen) by a tiny clique of profit-hungry corporate money-grabbers, always facilitated by their retinue of gangster political operators.

The deepening Great Recession of 2007/8, a cataclysmic global crash of the international financial system, is depriving a globalised capitalism of its life-blood – infinite surplus value growth. Despite the misrepresentation of short moments of apparent ‘economic recovery’ as a’ remission’ from collapse, indebtedness sets a new trap for the culpable believers in eternal capitalism.

Of course, it’s not just in Ireland that such winds are gathering strength.

Across the Irish Sea, a scandalous price increase has seen the UK NHS swindled out of £40 million for just one drug by Big Pharma! Those achieving a third level education there may graduate to start their working life with up to £60,000 debt, as a gift from Tory and Blairite Austerity Politics.

British dairy farmers are being paid less than it costs to produce milk by supermarket retail chains – a clear example of how the so-called ‘free-market’ capitalist system is in reality, a rigged market con-job. The ‘Market State’ with which the IMF Troika are replacing the welfare state everywhere, is a failure.

Answering this, the phenomenal support for Jeremy Corbyn MP as Old Labour shakes off decades of corporate corruption, is sweeping the treacherous dross of the Blairite Parliamentary Collaborationists into a blind panic as their carefully imagined ‘New’ Labour putsch disintegrates.

The millions disenfranchised by the War Criminal Toby Blair and his gang, are stirring from a political slumber. The violent Blairite hostility hints that the criminals fear the growing possibility of being held to account.

Across the Atlantic, in the US Police State, sometimes masqueraded as the land of the free, commences a four-yearly process of manipulated democracy to find a new corporate puppet to replace Obama.

‘Left’ Independent Presidential hopeful Bernie Saunders (Vermont), was the first Independent elected to the US House of Representatives in almost half a century. He is drawing tens of thousands to caucus meetings in his bid to become the Democratic Party candidate instead of Hilary Clinton.

The old political arrangements seem to be in even further disarray, as Donald Trump, darling of the extremist Republican far-right, talks himself out of any shred of credibility. Our American cousins may be opening their eyes!

There also, a blatantly partisan media trivialises the real lives – and deaths! – of ordinary people. Sandra Bland, is a name fast becoming a watchword for popular decency and human rights as vying presidential candidates are challenged to speak her name by protestors from Black Lives Matter, a surging popular movement against institutional racism.

Ms Bland died in ‘unexplained’ circumstances in police custody having been arrested for changing lane without using her indicator. The digitally recorded and communicated event exposes a blatant and stubborn racism at the core of the US Police State.

In Spain, the anti-austerity Podemus movement expresses wide social opposition to the post-Franco monarchy / democracy as the bourgeois revolution runs out of possibilities. In Greece, the democratic will of the people has been betrayed by the Tsipras-led Syriza collaboration with the corporate/financial dictatorship, now demanding a third ‘bank’ debt bail out. Capitalism isn’t working.

It is clear that the C20 parliamentary arrangements built on it have also run their course and are due for replacment.

China, once offered as an economic rebuttal by reactionaries, contracts towards crash.

Everywhere the same chorus rings, the system isn’t working, the debt burden prevents real recovery, the profit-driven system offers only penury for ordinary people and nothing is sacred accept profit – and that’s not available any more.

Austerity Politics is the last throw of the dice for casino capitalism.

All across the world, the people resist Austerity, but this is all the capitalist establishment can now offer anywhere, any more! Their system decays into functional ruin.

Their corrupt political establishment falters in all countries despite the most grotesque state cruelties against the people.

A battle for our world has commenced. it exists globally, but will be won locally.
As the establishment denies climate change, and lies about ‘economic recovery’, it is becoming a battle for our very survival.

Our only tactic can be truth. Our only weapons, the honest acknowledgement of the process of death in the old system and all its ways; and the urgent democratic need to conceive and give birth to a new and truly human world.

Our only task, to work and to learn, respectfully together, to explore and construct a society where equality lives, privilege is discarded, to make a world meeting real human need in harmony with nature.

The century old First Irish Republic is passing, as Kenny, Burton and their tame parliamentarians – under the tutelage of Denis O’Brien and his Troika corporate enforcers, connive to dismantle the very limited 1922 forms of democracy expressed through the present state.

This first ‘Republic of Ireland’ state was set up to prioritise the needs of the big business or capitalist class as it existed a century ago.

A century of constitutional tinkering has not changed its basic nature. Today, it prioritises the needs of the now globalised shareholding capitalist class of very big shareholding business, as expressed through the ruthless corporate conglomerates.

They plunder the planet commodifying everything into profit fodder, and in this process, drive the people into ever deepening poverty.

This form of state with its physical and ideological enforcers, political, legal, and moral, is an obstacle to human happiness and progress, and must be replaced. It cannot provide housing, food, the means to enjoy life. It is therefore a failed state. All those who seek to preserve it, quickly become part of the problem.

We must prepare to create A Second Republic. What would you wish that to be?

Do you wish it to serve the interests of all the people? Not just the needs of a small elite? Then you must begin to work collectively so it can be carefully imagined, democratically formed, and nourished in its democratic roots, keeping it truly free from the poisonous manipulations of all self-serving cliques and ideologies, and wealth-based classes of interest.

The Second Republic can be of the people, for the people, and it can only be created by the people.

But it requires the formation of revolutionary new concepts, in polar opposition to the failed ideologies of bourgeois liberalism and conservative leftism.

Mother History now sets a web of very new questions and problems before humanity.

The answers will be uncovered through the human process of developing a real democracy capable of bringing a true consciousness of this globalised moment of human social evolution into the possession of all the people – in real time.

And we now have the requirements to achieve this. We must learn to use them fully, to break new ground together, to understand properly the simple truths which govern our complex and interconnected material and ideological world.

We must create new networks for democracy!

To work, please, friends and comrades. The fight for Real Democracy is now a work in progress.

Join the September Forum to establish an Assembly For Democracy in County Wicklow – for the whole county. It is the first step on a journey of progress for every community.

PM this page to register for the Report of the July Forum, and to contribute to work for an Assembly For Real Democracy – Demos Kratos – people power.
Our collective work is beginning.
fh 11/8/15