By Brendan Ogle

Today I received an IW envelope to my private address with my name on it. (this comes at a good time as I will put it to good charitable use over the next few days – watch this space). I don’t know what it is and won’t be opening it to find out. I have never registered with IW. In fact, I only moved in to this private rental address 2 weeks ago. I have just spoken to the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office :

Data Protection Commissioner
Canal House
Station Road
Co. Laois

I was told that not only did my Landlord have a right to release my name to IW, they had an obligation. What the Data Protection Commissioner omitted to say was that they were consulted by Declan Kelly, or is it Alan I am always confused by that one, and said this would be ok, they never raised any flags or issue whatsoever.

Anyway, for me this comes as a bit of a boon because I did not have a piece of IW paper to play with until now. So now I have and we are all going to have some fun with that one….

But the serious point is this further attack on our democracy when the most hated quango in our nations history is now in cahoots with private landlords, public landlords and the Data Protection Commissioner to try to bully and intimidate people into paying for their water yet again. There’s another several hundred thousand protesters just joined the great water rebellion I’d think……

PS – Doesn’t this just sum up how massaged the figures now are? No doubt I, one of the most vocal anti IW persons in the country, who has never filled out any IW paper whatsoever and never will, and has pledged to campaign and do everything necessary that is peaceful to abolish this charge and IW, who will go to jail before I will pay them a red cent, is now ‘one of the 100,000’s of thousands to have registered’? Somebody should have told the Kelly Brothers that yesterday was April Fools Day