Dáil Éireann never sat in Leinster House, The Royal Oireachtas sits there


By Mick O’Riordan

Dáil Éireann Never sat in Leinster House , it is the Houses of the Oireachtas that sits in Leinster House . YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS

The Oireachtas is Not Dáil Éireann . Dáil Éireann Never sat in Leinster House . The Oireachtas [ Not Dáil Éireann Oireachtas ] is a construct imposed under the Crown by King George V in December , 1922 , under the threat of immediate and terrible War upon the Irish People . It is a de facto Provisional Government construct given a Legal title under the Crown . This is why the Irish People are being Evicted from there homes in the 21st Century by Sheriffs and the Bar [ British Accredited Registry ] court system . It is only a Legal system Not a Lawful system . Michael D Higgins is the current President of the Royal Oireachtas.

All Political Parties both old and new are both are subject and servant to this Oireachtas , designed to render the Sovereign Irish People redundant by imposing unlawful Taxes and Penal-ties through there Legal system in order to boost [ Exchequer ] Figures for the Chancellor of the exchequer in London .

The Irish Republican Brotherhood founded the State , the Sovereign Republic of éire, adopted the Sovereign Seal Harp as our National Emblem and set up Dáil Éireann Courts exactly and Verbatim in accordance with the 1916 Proclamation , both of which were Ratified by the Wish and Will of the People at Noon 21st January 1919 at the Mansion House Dublin … Our Independence Day .

The I.R.B. today , continue to hold in Trust for and on behalf of the People , all the Assets of the State , our Oil and Gas , Minerals , Water , Fishing ect .

All these Assets belong to the People of Ireland and to the People Alone . William James McGuire is the current President of the Irish Republican Brotherhood and Lawful Head of State , Dáil Éireann and the Dáil Éireann Courts , his Family and He have been Claiming the Sovereignty of the Nation for and on behalf of the People since 1919 , the first sitting of Dáil Éireann .

How to Vacate the [ royal ] Oireachtas De Facto Provisional Government , its British Bar Courts Sheriffs and Bailiffs and Restore a Sovereign Legitimate De Jure Republic , representative of all the People of éire .

http://howtovacatethegovernment.weebly.com/ .http://www.billymcguire.com/ .

1 Simply Return To Sender all of there Paperwork or Offers to Contract with them . Remember they Need your Sign of Nature – Signature in order for them to subjugate and control you unwittingly .
2 Hand write a registered letter to Michael D Higgins in the Arás [ see link above How To Vacate The Government ] former house of the lord lieutenant of Ireland , Phoenix Park Dublin demanding that they and there Administration Vacate Immediately and Return to there queen . Just one Hand written Registered letter constitutes statistically , 13,000 People . This is more powerful than any of their rigged Voting Pencil marked Referendums . This above all , Proves that We the People have Truly Spoken .
3 Attend the Mansion House next January 21st and Reclaim and Restore the Sovereign Legitimate Government and all your Assets of the State for Generations to come . This New World Order / Agenda 21 / Corporate takeover is being carried out by a secret Organisation called Common Purpose and facilitated by the Oireachtas .