court case heard under the 1919 Constitution of the Sovereign Republic of éire

Judgement vacated

Not too many people may be aware of this, But it is possible to get a court case heard under the 1919 Constitution of the Sovereign Republic of éire. This is the only ratified constitution in existence today. Yes I know we had a de facto constitution in 1922 and we have Bunreacht na heireann which was ratified by a portion of the people (the ones living in the 26 counties) also know as free staters in 1937.

Now back to the courts and the 1919 Sovereign constitution,

One the 5th of March 2014 a Sovereign Irishman called Mick ÓRiordan from Cork received a summons from Cork court house, to appear before Judge D. Riordan on the 31/03/2014 at 10.30 that day in relation to the non payment of a fine.

Record No SA429/2013,

Courthouse : Washington Street Cork

Judge : D Riordan

Date 31st march 2014

Time 10.30

Sequence 14

So Mick being Sovereign decided to exercise his right to have it heard under the 1919 Sovereign Constitution and duly informed the court clerk (Judges agent) of same. Mick handed in the necessary paperwork had it signed sealed and witnessed by William James McGuire, who is the President of  The Irish Republican Brotherhood and President of The Sovereign Republic of éire and is also president of the Sovereign Dail Eireann Court (Four Courts), It was also embossed with the Sovereign seal which Billy holds in trust for the Irish people on the 24th of March 2014.

So on the day of the hearing at District Court of Cork City

Case No S 2012/88342 charge No 1

The Director of public prosecutor at the Suit of garda Joe Bloggs (not real name) Togher.

Accused, Micheal Ó Riordan From somewhere in the rebel county of Cork (Not his real address).

Mick was accused of having a registered vehicle parked on a double yellow line at a certain location in Cork. in contravention of article 36(2) of road traffic regulations, 1997.

Contrary to section 35(5)of the road traffic act 1994 and section 102 of road traffic act 1961 (as amended by section 18 of the road traffic act 2006)

It was adjudged that the said defendant be convicted of said offence and pay a fine of EUR 125.00 within 3 months or in default of payment the said defendant be imprisoned in Cork prison for the period of 5 days unless the sum be paid sooner.

Upon the hearing of an appeal in said matter on 31/03/2014 the circuit judge did order:

Allow appeal. VACATE District court order

I can only guess as to why this case was VACATED, It being that none of the courts in Ireland have a license to operate. Everything that you are told is a lie, and the vast percentage of the population have been sold the lie that the court fictions people attend daily are real. They have no licenses, nor do County Councils, RTE or any other fictional entities pretending to be bona fide.

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