Corporate Ireland continue to take the piss

work for free

Well here you go folks, this is the content of a private message received from a young lady trying to make her life a little bit better..this is what corporate Ireland is doing to all of us..sickening to say the least.

My name is xxxxx xxxxxxxx and I would like to let you know about an egregious situation.
I am currently unemployed and looking for work. I was delighted to receive the opportunity to interview for a part time customer service roll advertised by INTELLICOM a company based in Clonmel Co.Tipperary. I live in a neighbouring county so this is a substantial commute but I am eager to work so kindly accepted the opportunity to interview and the potential to be working again.
My interview lasted roughly an hour. The lady who interviewed me had me confirm several times that I was indeed signed on with the live register (which I found very strange).
As the interview came to an end she advised me that although she knew I was looking for part time work that the first six weeks of employment would be training based and full time from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday. She asked if I would be able to accommodate this training schedule and I replied that yes of course I could. Then came the bomb shell!!!! She then informed me that I would not be paid for my six weeks training!!!! But that it was okay because they would give me a letter to bring to my Social Welfare office so I would still keep my full benefits. To quote her ‘its okay because at the end of the day the Government just want people off the live register’.
These guys weren’t even offering an extra €50 per week as you would receive if you were on Jobs Bridge!!! The worst part is that the role is Customer Service for UPC who I would imagine are aware of this practice.
You will find the HR managers information below. Please help me expose these two companies for the exploiters that they are???
They would like you to work 270 hours for their company for FREE!!!!

HR & Training Coordinator
Extn 2011