Corona Virus Claims First Lives On Quarantined Diamond Princess



Two people have died who were aboard the quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship docked near Tokyo. They had been hospitalized and tested positive last week for the new coronavirus.

Both patients were Japanese. One was an 87-year-old man who had bronchial asthma. The other was an 84-year-old woman. She didn’t have any pre-existing conditions. Officials say both had a fever and developed pneumonia.

During a press conference, a health ministry official was asked whether keeping elderly passengers on the cruise ship increased their risk of getting infected. Here’s what he had to say.

Masami Sakoi said, ” We believe we handled the situation appropriately. We transferred the two passengers to hospitals as soon as we learned they had a fever. That was before we even had their test results.”

The death toll of people infected with the virus in Japan now stands at three. Last week a woman in her 80s died in Kanagawa Prefecture, which borders Tokyo.

In other news from Japan on Corona Virus

A man in his 40s has tested positive for the virus in the northern Japanese city of Sapporo. That’s the 88th case of infection outside passengers and crew from the cruise ship Diamond Princess.

Earlier, authorities in the southwestern city of Fukuoka said a man in his 60s had also tested positive. He has not been abroad recently and is the first confirmed case in the Kyushu region.

Including infections from the stricken cruise ship, the total number of cases has now passed 700.


So how does this news affect Ireland?

So now we have multiple countries reported definite coronavirus infections and deaths despite the fact that many of these people have not traveled to China recently. If people in Japan can get infected without going to China, rest assured people in Ireland can get infected despite us being on the other side of the planet.

Our Airports and shipping ports are the most likely places the coronavirus now called covid-19 will enter. Sources within Dublin Airport reveal as of Thursday 20/02/2020 night No Health Checks being carried out at Dublin Airport.

Meaning the possibly infected are disembarking and walking straight out into the public.

Airplanes, Public Transport and Public Schools are some of the most unhygienic things and places one can use or go.

Section from

“A Ryanair passenger has told how men in Hazmat suits boarded his flight during a coronavirus scare at Dublin Airport last night.

Mattie Griffin was sitting by the window on his flight which arrived from Poznan when he saw an ambulance and two police cars outside the plane.

Mattie told Dublin Live: “I just thought someone must be sick on the flight. The staff told us to wait. They didn’t give us any information which was annoying, people started getting agitated.

The passenger said the mood on the plane changed from anger to fear when he saw men in hazmat suits approach the plane.

He said: “These guys arrived covered head to toe in gear, with masks, heading toward the plane. What popped into everyone’s head was ‘coronavirus’.

Mattie said the medical staff came onto the plane with masks and big bags. They put masks on two female passengers and escorted them off the plane.

He added: “A few minutes later they told us we could go, but then a couple minutes after that they said we actually had to wait.”

“Then 15 minutes later they told us we could go.”