Contrary To Government SPIN On Job Creation

Jobs created

By Collective Ireland

The government have announced that 90,000 jobs have been created since 2012.
What they’ve ignored is the reality that from 2008 to 2014, 1 in every 7 Irish jobs has been lost as a direct result of the Programme of Austerity.
The government has forgotten that from 2010 to 2013 alone, employment was reduced by 3.5% with a loss of over 65,000 jobs.

For example, the IDA/Enterprise Ireland claim responsibility for the creation of 301 positions of employment in the border regions of Cavan and Monaghan, but do not account for the loss of 874 IDA/Enterprise Ireland created positions over the same time period and in the same area.

In Donegal, nothing has changed.
Of nearly 7000 jobs created nationwide by the IDA and Enterprise Ireland in 2012, only 28 of the 7000 jobs were found to be in the NorthWest region, with Co. Donegal gaining only 11 of those positions.

From 2008 to 2010 10,000 people joined the live register in Co. Donegal. At 18% and rising, Donegal has the highest rate of unemployment in the country; it also has the highest incidence of mortgage distress, with nearly twice the number of potential repossessions as its closest comparison.

The average wage in Donegal is over 250 Euros per week less than the national average, and as if to prove the inequality, the government funded ESRI recently estimated that 1 in 9 Donegal households cannot afford basic food shopping.


Rural Ireland is about to experience an epidemic of unemployment, poverty and homelessness.
Rural Ireland is being abandoned by the state, and still, people believe the government lies.

When the government tell you that they’ve created 90,000 jobs since 2012, it’s because they want you to believe that they’ve delivered the best of times.

About 10% of Irish workers are at any one time on the minimum wage of 8.65/hour. The minimum wage hasn’t risen since 2007, the year it was introduced.
1 in 5 Irish workers NOT on minimum wage earn less than the much vaunted ‘living wage’ of 11.45/hour.

If you add that 1 in 5 to the 10% on minimum wage, you understand that nearly 30% of the irish workforce struggle to exist on a rate of pay that according to the trade unions disallows anything other than subsistence.

The drop in unemployment, the names removed from the live register over this period of unrestrained job creation stands at just under 28,000 with Cork making the biggest gain outside of Dublin. The figures equate to just over 1000 less jobseekers per county.
However, in the same time period there are about 150,000 confirmed emigrations, or an average of nearly 5800 less jobseekers per county. Nobody gains.

Then you have the re-introduction of gross exploitation.
As of last week 31,378 people have completed JobBridge internships, with a further 6137 people still on the scheme. This gives the government 37,515 opportunities to manipulate the live register.

There are ever only 3000 Gateway positions to fill. 192 have been filled to date – due to a misappropriation of billions of Euros, Local Authorities are unable to fulfil their obligations to the Gateway employment scheme.
Across all government employment schemes to date this year, up to the end of February 387 positions of employment have been filled, and as a collective source of employment, the government is already 7000 positions behind its own target. At the current rate of job creation they will have added just 7000 positions to their goal of “full employment by 2018”. The same number of positions they’re already behind by. They’re losing their own race. How broken is our system that they’ll continue to win?

Employment is as much about self-worth as it is about wages. The will to work should never be criticised. Criticise the system that exploits the worker, do not criticise the worker. Government sponsored employment schemes are primarily about lowering the statistical rate of unemployment.

These schemes are not initiated to provide jobseekers with a route to employment – they’re fixed term and exploitative, not just financially, but emotionally. At their worst, these schemes negatively and directly impact the value of labour.
Everybody loses.

Look at the numbers.
Stop believing their lies. Stop listening to them and look at the devastation around you.

Fight Back.

Join the Protests. All the Protests.