We the people unreservedly condemn the arrest of Paul Murphy TD and three other men in operations by Gardai early this morning.

The arrests are designed to tarnish the Anti Water Charge Campaign been successfully fought by the people of Ireland. The government will use any weapon at their disposal including political policing to try and defeat a very strong campaign which will eventually spell the end of the FG/Lab government.

Two Cllrs arrested have since been released and a file will go to the DPP however Paul Murphy TD and Eirigi’s Scott Masterson remain in custody.

We The people call for the immediate release without charge of Paul Murphy TD and our friend Scott Masterson. Further more we demand that the Irish Government cease using political policing as a means to try and defeat a campaign which will see their demesne.

Do the right thing abolish the water charges, stand down from governing our country and give the people of Ireland the democratic right to elect a government for the people not one who is governed by Europe to work against our people.