Charlie Flanagan Announces New Direct Provision Centre For Tullamore



By Laura Smollen

There is huge reaction and divide on Charlie Flanagan’s decision to announce a direct provision centre for Tullamore a week after the elections. It’s very clear he was afraid to announce it last week before the election. Why is that? Why would he be afraid? Surely there is nothing wrong with it? Nothing to hide? So why wait?
The sad fact is that everything is wrong with it and Charlie knows that!
The Marian hostel was built to accommodate 35 single women. 35!
It’s since apparently been altered accommodate 168 people?!
How on earth could a building of that size accommodate so many?
They will be crammed into it. They will literally be living on top of each other.
It’s bad enough being forced to live on €38 a week. One newspaper and a cup of coffee in a coffee shop is their daily allowance. No trips to the cinema, the gym, the pub or even a Supermacs. They simply couldn’t afford it. So how are they supposed to integrate into society?
They can go for a walk in the park and gaze at others going clothes shopping but then they have to come home to a room with God knows how many more people stuffed into it? It’s absolutely inhumane. I certainly couldn’t begin to imagine living with 167 other people.
You only have to Google direct provision centres and you’ll see how they go against all human rights.

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It breaks my heart when I see pictures of battery hens cooped up on top of each other. That horrifies me and most other people too but to do it to human beings, people who have already lost everything?
That’s not kindness. It’s torture and it’s pure greed on behalf of a government who really do not care and who have already shown that they have no mercy for people struggling.
These unfortunate people are fleeing war torn countries. They have already gone through enough. Instead of helping them all we will do is assist in a multi billion euro profit deal between the government and companies who are only interested in making money.
Bridgestock will run the direct provision centre in Tullamore.
Bridgestock already caters for around 500 asylum seekers in Ballyhaunis, Co Mayo and Sligo town and the €5.8m received 2 years ago brings to €97m the firm has received in payments between 2000 and 2018 alone.
How much of that €97million is spent on the people in need? None of it of course but that company alone have made €97 million from their misery in just 8 short years.
This is the reason why our present homeless aren’t looked after. Because no one will make money from it.
This is downright exploitation of people. People who are already at rock bottom. It’s so wrong.
It’s in our nature in Ireland to reach out and help others. We are among the most generous nations in the world. Perhaps because we too have seen hard times in the past and sadly indeed many are still struggling. Nevertheless all of us want to help others as best we can.
But cramming 168 people into a building originally built to accommodate 35 people will not help those seeking asylum. It’s just appalling.
Of course we should all welcome these people with open arms but for Gods sake let’s make a plan of action first and do it properly. Let’s stop the exploitation of vulnerable people whilst others make huge billion euro profits from them.
Let’s show those people that we genuinely do care instead of piling them all in on top of each other and pretending that we care.