By Liam Deegan

I read a post on facebook earlier that asked “when are we going to see TD’s, Ministers and Bankers hauled out of their homes and charged with corruption and fraud?”

This naturally is a very valid question because of the damage they have done to the economy and ultimately the citizens but up to now we have only seen token charges by the state against the likes of Sean Fitzpatrick and Willie McAteer of Anglo fame, who walked away smelling of roses instead of floor polish that they use on prison lino.

Today is a day that might just begin the process of changing the same old guard that protected the like of Fitzpatrick and McAteer, because today a formal complaint (with evidence) has been lodged and acknowledged by The Public in Standards Commission regarding Fine Gael’s Sean Barrett (Ceann Comhairle) and concerning his alleged withholding of very relevant information from the Register of Members Interests in Dail Eireann

What is so important in the timing of this letter of complaint is that Mr Barrett cannot now retire in a hurry on some spurious grounds and walk away from an investigation by the Commission because the complaint has now been made while he is a sitting TD. Sean Barrett now has to face the music head on. No doubt the government will throw a veil of secrecy and seek to protect him at all costs but now that the matter is in the public domain that will be an impossibility.

Should the government try to bury this matter then it will trigger a Garda complaint and a subsequent investigation as it is then taken out of the hands of the commission at that point so either way there is now way out of it for both Sean Barrett and the government.

Let the best man win!