Calls for appeal of the 8th amendment are as gimmicky as “the recovery”


By Dermot Ryan

So the Sisters of Charity own the site of the new Maternity Hospital.
This means that abortions cannot take place here under Roman Law .

Is it a convenience that the public outrage can move the ownership to the State and clear the way for Abortion on demand ?

Furthermore – the Tuam case was well known about to all who studied it 2 years ago – was it held back and timed to hit the medias to cause a screen for Noirin O’Sulliavn’s case , for the offloading of the A.I.B. and the burying of access by a new government into the State owned bank into private hands ?

See this is the point – there are loads of people , myself included , who believe that the Sisters of Charity and the Bon Secours movement should be ran out of the hospital business – absolutely – but equally the people who decide who take over are Fine Gael and Fianna Fail who , based on the same history should be ran out of the Politics business .

Nobody is actually promoting the real legal problem with the sisters of charity and other religious institutions holding onto their property while people who got mortgages in good faith are turfed out on the street .

The calls for appeal of the 8th are grand , but they are as gimmicky as “the recovery ” etc. ..
Gimmicks are the cat calls of the deceiver –
Should abortion law in Ireland be looked at and improved – absolutely .
But there is no proper debate – where are the questions ?
Just binary group thinking being forced on people – take a position !!! are you for it or against it ?
I say for what exactly ? against what exactly ? What legislation will be produced after a referendum result ?

How can the government hide behind a Doctor’s opinion in the Vera Twomey case and yet presume to order Doctors to override their Hippocratic oath to perform an abortion if the Citizens assembly – a completely fabricated group with no legal status whatsoever ( I think they were in the pipeline to act as succor to people who opposed the Seanad abolition ) express a wish to have a vote on full blown abortion .

Nice to have the citizens assembly to blame when you are now in partners in government with the crowd you usually blame for the evil that has pervaded this land …
Here’s a question –

Should men be allowed to vote in an abortion referendum ?
Should men be forced to pay child payments in a state that fails to recognise the rights of the father in the case of the unborn ?

Thanks Enda – the abortion debate is as clear as mud as usual !