Birmingham Six Film Could Star Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy Actor

Cork actor Cillian Murphy could be set to star in a film about the Birmingham pub bombings as Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight expressed his desire to make a film about the 1974 atrocity.

Murphy starred as the lead role in Knight’s Birmingham based BBC drama series, and it is likely that the screenwriter would want to cast the star again.

“The bombings are a major part of what makes Birmingham the city it is,” he said during a session hosted by Jasper Carrott.

“Birmingham in the seventies was an extraordinary place. The story around the Serious Crime Unit would make a film like LA Confidential.”

Six men were wrongfully imprisoned for the bombings which killed ten people at the Mulberry Bush pub and eleven at the Tavern in the Town. A third bomb failed to detonate and 182 people were injured overall.

Knight also used the session to defend the Birmingham accents portrayed in the BBC hit series.

“Cillian came with me to the Garrison pub and recorded the voices of all my mates, then spent weeks speaking like a Brummie at home.

“To be fair to the actors, the Brummie accent is one of the very hardest to get right. We had a voice coach visit the set to help but when they started talking Brummie I thought: ‘Oh no even you can’t get it right!’”

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