By Liam Deegan

Now that the Greek government has stuck to their election promise of telling the Troika and effectively the bankers to take a hike, we have now come to an impasse in how this is going to play out. We have Irish media commentators who profess to foretell the unfolding “Greek tragedy” and how the Greek people will suffer because they didn’t tow the EU line so to speak. In effect there are some people who feel that the Greek people need to be punished for bucking the system.

Yet these same commentators never saw the huge pit that Ireland Inc fell into back in 2006 when it was obvious to anyone with half an interest that Ireland Inc had burst its bubble and that the only way was down. But now we have those same media commentators egging on Kenny and Noonan to beat the Greeks over the head with everything they have so that Ireland Inc can be seen to be the good little boy of Europe having saved the Euro and by proxy Europe.

Now those pesky little Greeks are going to undo everything and ruin the European dream it seems. Kenny and Noonan are sweating it out knowing full well that if Greece gets a deal then everything that this government has told us is without a shadow of a doubt going to be exposed as a lie.

The reality is this… Ireland Inc was fed to the wolves just as Kenny and Noonan are trying to do to Greece as we speak. The Irish government refuse to say how much was actually given to the banks and how much went back into the coffers to alleviate the grinding poverty that is all too apparent in our society. Almost all the money owed by Greece has been used to pay off its lenders, with only 10 per cent of it going to the Greek people, which means that just like Ireland Inc, the banks, the gamblers and the hedge funds got the absolute majority of the money and considering it was and still is foreign banks, gamblers and hedge funds that are lending Ireland Inc the money to this day, it is impossible for the ordinary people of either Ireland or Greece to win this tug of war.

Just like Ireland,the IMF should never have lent the money to Greece in the first place,as over 90% of it was used to bail out European and American financial institutions and not to service public day to day spending. Sound familiar?

Goldman Sachs were the responsible party for cooking the greek books in order to get them accepted into the Euro however the blame also lies firmly with their paymasters, the EU and the right wing Greek government of the day. So just like the Irish situation, the IMF, the EU, the ECB, the Americans, the German Government and of course the Irish Government all want Greece to “do a paddy on it” and send their people closer to the precipice but most of all what Europe want is a regime change so that they can have a government back in to power that will kiss the feet of Merkel,et al.

How ironic that the first purveyors of democracy now appear to be the last defenders of it?

No use in Kenny and Co crying about spilled milk in that we lent the Greeks a few hundred million that we initially borrowed from gamblers in the first place and in the grand scheme of things is really a pittance considering the billions of Euro that Irish people are left to pay back to these very gamblers for bailing out the same banks that now want Greek blood money. The Irish Government will just cut social welfare or the health budget to balance the books as always.

It seems that the Greek government have all the balls including those belonging to the Irish Government!