By Liam Deegan

“The IMF’s chief of Mission,Craig Beaumont has said that public opposition to water charges is weakening, as a result of the government’s reduction in the cost of water charges. The comments were made in a new report on Ireland’s economic progress.The IMF also says that the government will need further austerity measures worth over half a billion euro if Irish Water fails the market corporation test”.

Well there we have the truth of the matter… We are giving up protesting because we are losing the battle and the government are winning hands down according to the information being fed back to the IMF by the Department’s of Finance and Environment.

When Irish Water fail the test then the Irish Taxpayer will have to either take a hair cut of half a billion Euro in cuts to health, education, social welfare and more than likely every other public service into the bargain. This will come on top of the €1.4 billion that Irish Water has already sucked dry from the economy to date. The maths are beginning to look somewhat perverse considering there has only been a couple of thousand water meters gone in and a few connected consultants handsomely paid .

Irish Water and the Department of the Environment have refused to comment on how much has been spent this year so far. Any information that is coming out is ironically being leaked by insiders and tells a story of mismanagement beyond the wildest imagination by Irish Water and the government. No one in either department are publicly talking because they know that Irish Water has become a problem so rancid that they are desperately trying to keep a lid on what is coming next.


However, insiders say that this government are going to continue to use public money to keep Irish Water alive until the day they are voted out of office and that any subsequent government that takes over will have no choice but to continue the charade due to the perceived EU and public concerns over losing €2 billion. The Fine Gael / Labour plan is to sucker punch the new government into a corner to suit the IMF’s aims before they have had a chance to begin to get to grips with the problem.

Sources close to the government have indicated that “Fine Gael are so positive of getting re-elected in 2016, that in the interim that they are going to take their chances of a serious public backlash but will force Irish Water upon us no matter what the consequences maybe ”

Sounds like the Nazi Germany is alive and well and living in Ireland!