As excitement escalates on social media, you’d think we Irish had won a new election and finally gotten rid of Fine Gael and Labour Party


By Keith W of

Radical left wing party Syriza won Greece’s general election on Sunday in a victory that could impact the course of austerity in Europe, exit polls showed.

Syriza took between 35.5 percent and 39.5 percent of the vote, according to the polls, compared to between 23 percent and 27 percent for the conservative New Democracy party. If the result is confirmed, Syriza’s 40-year-old leader Alexis Tsipras could become Greece’s youngest prime minister in 150 years. Neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn and pro-European party To Potami are in a neck-and-neck race for third place with between 6.4 percent and 8.0 percent apiece.


As excitement escalates on social media in Ireland, you’d think that we the Irish had won a new election and finally gotten rid of Fine Gael and the Labour Party and banished them into extinction for all eternity. Unfortunately not, but the excitement is clearly understandable for the Irish at this time as it proves Enda Kenny was a complete failure to his country and Kenny did not act in the best interest of the people of Ireland when it came to his broken mandate and his 5 point plan which were never delivered. Kenny now wants the Irish people to reelect him to further represent his all new 20 point plan. But Enda, what about the 5 point plan you never gave the people of Ireland?

Enda Kenny, weren’t you meant to be a school teacher before? Surely you can do the maths to workout this amounts to a 25 point plan. Or is Kenny including the five point plan he never delivered on in his new 20 point plan? Or has he turned his back on the five point plan he already promised? Confusing stuff none-the-less… Something tells me that the people are not buying into Kenny’s continued porkies, and his mayo charms won’t win him or his party any seats in the next election, according to social media polls and other numerous sources around the internet. Statistically the facts “accurately” portrayed by RTE media are absurd and is most definitely media spin. Fine Gael, Fine Fail and the Labour Party look to be annihilated in the next election, if of course Fine Gael can hold it together that long?

Things are not looking well for Fina Fail either, as they are the responsible party that put the Blanket Guarantee in place to secure the profits of their investors by letting the debt of Anglo Irish fall on the Irish tax payer. The Guarantee was put in place knowing full well that Anglo would fall. This debt has fallen on the Irish tax payer as a result of the Blanket Guarantee inserted by Fine Fail’s Brian Cowan, and latter supported and carried in favor of Enda Kenny and Fine Gael. Fine Fail are also the party whom brought into place the first peace of legislation to introduce Water Charges. So I don’t think for one minute that the electorate will forget this when it comes around to voting time. Will you?

These harsh times have woken the Irish people up, the people of Ireland are starting to put two and two together and they’re realizing that Fine Gael and Fine Fail had the same agenda all along and for many years. A cunning plan to deceive the Irish people over a period of time, or so it seems. I can’t speak for Sinn Fein as they’ve never been in that position before, but probably deserve a chance this time round or at-least the majority of votes to make a possible new change for Ireland? The question needs to be asked, would Sinn Fein be any different? If history has thought us anything, its the brown envelopes under the table between elites and these politicians is what keeps the Fine Fail and Fine Gael corruption in motion. One thing that I do know, power resides with the people and only people can bring about real democracy and balance of equality at the next election.

In my humble opinion, which i rarely give. It has been proven by the people;  Dail Politics is nothing more than hypocrisy at large. The elected party in charge of representing the people of Ireland is almost always confronted by the opposition party as the elected party are ridiculed on decision making over different issues lobbied to opposition TDs to bring forward. Fine Fail and Fine Gael TDs deliberately and deceitfully do this between each other to keep the golden circle in motion. Always keeping the two biggest parties in power to continue their corrupt golden circle.

Fine Fail and Fine Gael have done very well over time to deceive the people of Ireland in believing their intentions serve Ireland’s best interest. Some might ask; in who’s best interest? (All our national resources have been sold off by these so called political representatives. Acting in best interest of the people. If they are acting in the best interest of the people, then why do you not listen when the people protest?) Fine Fail and Fine Gael’s policies are simply a farce, and an act of continued deception at best; describing the front they put on for the cameras and the viewers watching at home, thus making the substantially bigger opposition parties look like they actually cared about passed decisions made by the the elected parties. But they don’t… I hope that make sense.

When the golden circle goes up in flames, Fine Fail and Fine Gael both use their political interference in the media, to provide the people with propaganda with deliberate intent trying to influence a coalition party to salvage the damage that they’ve both done to themselves. And this is what Politics is really about! Deception and It’s not about you or me at all, its about the people you elect achieving their own self serving interest as they squander your tax at every election, while the working class –rural and middle class tax payers become poorer and poorer over time. How bad do things have to get before people make real change and stop electing the golden circle of Fine Fail and Fine Gael?

So while Greece appear to be on the right road to recovery, what lessons will the Irish learn from this experience? And what is the future of a possible coalition between Fine Gael and Fine Fail? Will Ireland vote (Another Horrible Rainbow Government) Just like in 1994 and look where that got us… a debt not ours and forever put on our shoulders without a referendum or our consent, and this is our kids kids kids futures for many years to come. No doubt the Irish know Europe’s way is not the way of the Irish, nor the way of the future !

Social Media polls from around the internet are speaking for them selves as they are actively still reflecting Sinn Fein and the Independents as the highest elected parties for Ireland in 2016. And according to the Greek News, they too were getting their media friends to peddle false numbers of poll results, and as per the Greek Election; the Greek electorate has spoken its true colors for itself.

What is the future for Ireland, and what have you learned?

Keith W.

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