Arrested, Charged And Sentenced While Returning From The Shops

Garda Station from Bridge of Peace

Drogheda, Monday evening and citizen Vikki Behan was arrested while returning from the shops where she had gone to buy dog food,.

Earlier Vikki had filmed some Irish Water workers installing meters in the Ballsgrove  estate where she lives, on her return she was accusted by 4 gardai who demanded she show them her phone. When she refused she was arrested under the misuse of drugs act and searched. This is a blatant and disgusting misuse of garda powers. She was then charged under section 6 of the public order offences and brought to Drogheda Garda station where she was charged and held overnight. During the night Vikki had to be taken to the Lourdes Hospital with breathing difficulties.
This morning Vikki was taken to Drogheda District Court on section 6 of the public order offences.

In a packed court room  Vikki was released ( why wouldn’t she be as she did nothing wrong) and ordered to stay outside a 30 meter exclusion zone where meters are being installed despite not being a protester.

Bully boy tactics are now being used to bully and cajole the citizens of this country and its an absolute disgrace and misuse of our Justice system.

Yesterday evening a petrol bomb had been thrown at an Irish water van parked in the Ballsgrove estate, it has missed but gardai are saying that Vikki had filmed the incident again another fabrication.

Gardai still have her phone which has nothing more than a few videos and personal pictures.

It appears the residents are winning the battle against IrishWater in Drogheda and instructions have now come from the top that meters are not going in quick enough so arrests must are be made.

What a great little dictatorial country we live in altogether, We have a corrupt Government propped up by corrupt Judges and Gardai.

It appears the powers that be just have to click their fingers and the bully boys do their bidding.

I always believed that Governments ruled with the consent of the people, however it appears the gangsters who sit at the top in this society are using our paid police force to enforce their corruption and unconstitutional laws.

In a democratic governance orders are supposed to feed up from the bottom to the top, In this governance its quite the opposite,  and if you dont like it,.. your going to be arrested and charged with petty nonsense just so this dictatorial government can have their way.