Are YOU a money launderer? The Credit Union suspects you

credit Union money laundering

By : Con Domhnaill

THEY (Irish water) are determined to get their hands on our PPS numbers one way or the other! When I went to my local Credit Union today I was told to bring them PROOF OF ADDRESS, PHOTO ID AND MY PPS NUMBER next time I called. When I asked why I was told it was to do with money laundering. At first I thought nothing of it, but later I started thinking … I have been a member for 20 odd years, they already got my ID when I signed up, they know my address and they send mail to me there, they (the staff) know me personally for years and years, so why this, why now? And then it clicked with me – somebody wants my details, but particularly my PPS number really badly.

First Irish Water NEEDED our PPS numbers. Unless they got them they couldn’t give us the bribe … sorry, I mean “conservation” grant. In the subsequent massive u-turn, they had to scrap the idea because of huge public opposition.
Next, we had the request sent out to all primary schools, demanding PPS numbers for every pupil in the country. And not happy enough with this demand they also told us they were going to retain the numbers on their database until the pupils were 30 years of age.

Now our Credit Unions are at it. I checked the Irish League of Credit Unions website and this is what it tells me ” When applying for membership you will be asked for proof of ID and proof of address, for example a current passport and recent utility bill.” No mention of PPS number there.

I suspect that the government wants to create a massive database of information on all citizens and that the Labour Party are playing a big part in the initiative. Declan Kelly wants the information for Irish Water that he failed to get earlier. Joan Burton wants to continue her obsessive pursuit of social welfare fraudsters (but never mind the multi-million big boys, the white collar criminals Joan). And Fat Rabbitte before he was shunted out of Communications wanted the same PPS numbers to be able to collect his “broadcasting” charge. The same Mr Rabbitte wanted the PPS numbers to match them with his new unique identifier post codes.
If all this sound a bit like North Korea or Deutsche Demokratische Republik, perhaps it’s not surprising considering the Labout Party elites past connections with the Communist Bloc.

I am not going to hand over my PPS to the Credit Union. I have no way of knowing who they are going to share it with. I don’t know how securely they can hold the information. But I am certain that PPS numbers handed over willy nilly will eventually be sold on or fall into the wrong hands.

Time to say NO!