anti eviction taskforce

by Brian McCarthy
Anti-Eviction Taskforce Kerry & Distressed Mortgage Holders
I cannot title this better than Ipaud Kerry who did trojan work for yesterday.

The Story;
The Barrister appointed as we expected ran from the court yesterday morning before the case proceeded. Invalid Case~

This case on Original Documents and all information to the point of yesterday is based on an INVALID CASE BY ALL BANKS,contempt of court, perjury,and deceit in addition to the good side of the battle which is those good at heart who are working hard,sharing information and research by many willing and fighting injustice .

The Lay Litigant who was well prepared did fantastic in Court yesterday sticking to her guns of education, insisting on the adjournment type,pointing out the contempt of court by the Plaintiff/Bank and the Registrar brought the Court into disrespect (and disrepute?) by insisting on forming a court when the defendant was the only leg of the table standing in what is the construct of the Court.

The Bank in question(lots of them ; ) ) are now in Contempt of Court and we are finding our way to the next step to further a case so many have worked hard on.

The courageous Lay Litigant who did fantastic yesterday is a lady who I met many moons ago when she was in a very dark place and in utter despair.
The transformation of this REAL LADY into a warrior verses the corrupt system has been unbelievable where empowered by so many who offered love,support and education for the greater good is a genuine joy and should offer hope to all instead of being subjected to despair by banks,courts,unhelpful barristers/solicitors in addition to extreme fraud and corruption. . .

Maybe deep breaths amid the madness before addressing/furthering the next steps in this case where again fantastic and collective information will be welcomed, researched and shared as we will put the axe to the money tree.

Let me also express my delight at what happened around the country yesterday in Castlebar, Trim and Naas Registrars Courts yesterday.

Also a big thanks to the now many usual suspects in Kerry attending the courts to bear witness ; ) and taking notes.

QUI VULT DECIPI, DECIPIATUR. Let Him Who Wishes to be Deceived, Be Deceived.
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