Are ‘Gardai’ on site at water meter installations actually Gardai?‏


By The Dissident Drum

Sent: 27 January 2015 12:27:04
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Dear Members of the Oireachtas

I sent an email to An Taoiseach, the Garda Commissioner, Clare Daly and the Irish Times on December 5th raising my concerns as to whether Gardai who work under contract to private individuals or corporations are technically on duty as members of the Garda Siochana or are, in fact, private individuals with no powers of arrest or detention.

Following a large protest at the City West Hotel last evening where anti-water tax campaigners staged a demonstration at an event where K-Tech security, who contract with banks and sheriffs to evict people from their homes, were in attendance to provide security at the event, the questions are worth repeating.

Prior to the event K-Tech had taken an injunction through the courts against demonstrators gathering at the venue.

It was reported by people present that there were 3 Gardai in attendance at the demonstration.

Given that there was a judicial order in place and the demonstration was in opposition to the extremely emotive issue of evictions which have affected families with very small children and many elderly people, it would have been reasonable to expect a larger Garda presence to prevent any confrontations between campaigners and K-Tech personnel.

My inference is that Gardai were not present in larger numbers because they were ON DUTY in the service of the public and therefore on the State’s clock.  Most of the campaigners present have regularly experienced Garda representation of up to 30 Gardai in attendance at water meter installations being conducted by GMC Sierra and other contractors.  Again the implication is that Mr Denis O’Brien is paying Gardai as private security to “ACT” as Gardai when in fact they are private individuals on paid private work.

I would like to have an answer from the Govt and the Garda Commissioner on the matter of when Gardai are and are not on official state duty as Gardai Siochana and when they are on non-official non-state OFF-duty work as private security contracted by private individuals or corporate interests.

It is extremely important for the citizens to be made aware of this matter so that their constitutional rights are NOT being unlawfully abused.

It is particularly important in cases where members of the public have been “arrested”, taken in Garda vehicles to Garda stations and detained for periods from an hour to overnight or longer.

If Gardai operating under private contract are enforcing powers which they ONLY have as public servants, wearing the uniform to give the impression of being on-duty, using public garda vehicles for this private security work and arresting and detaining members of the public WITHOUT AUTHORITY then this activity HAS TO STOP!

I would be grateful for your assistance in pursuing the matter with the offices of the Taoiseach and the Garda Siochana.

Mr Kenny’s continuing arrogance as evidenced by his refusal to answer to anyone, which has now become Fine Gael party policy in so far as they will not appear at nationally televised public debates, is testament to an attitude that it is beneath them to respond to the legitimate inquiries from the public, even on matters of constitutional and human rights.

I trust that you will afford me a little more respect.

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No reply to this email I sent December 5th 2014


To: Enda Kenny : An Taoiseach ; Garda Commissioner Noirín O’Sullivan; Clare Daly TD; Editor of The Irish Times.

On foot of an Article in the Irish Times of September 20th 2014 which reported that “The Garda raised almost €3 million last year by charging sports bodies, event promoters and commercial entities for the policing provided to them”, I would like to ask the following questions.


1. Who authorises the Work-For-Profit contracts of An Garda Siochána?

2. Are Gardai who attend Work-For-Profit events under contract on duty in their official capacity as members of An Garda Siochána or some other body/company?

3. If Gardai are on official UNDER-OATH duty at such times are they remunerated for this work from the revenues accruing from the Contractor?

4. If Gardai are not remunerated where does the revenue from these contracts go? Is it accounted for in revenues to the State? Where is it recorded and accounted for? Please provide a breakdown of related contracts and revenues for the past 5 years.

5. If Gardai are NOT on official duty as members of An Garda Siochána at such Work-For-Profit contracted events, are they entitled to wear the Garda uniform?

6. What are the rules regarding the wearing of an identification number on a Garda uniform?

7. Does the absence of a Garda number on a uniform identify a Garda who is NOT on official duty?

8. Why do Garda Headquarters in the Phoenix Park and numerous Garda stations around the country have listings on Dun & Bradstreet as registered companies?

9. Why do these registrations not appear on the Companies Registration Office website of Irish companies?

10. Are these Dun & Bradstreet companies registered outside of Ireland?

11. Do these Dun & Bradstreet companies have banking facilities outside of Ireland?

12. Who are the owners, directors and shareholders of these Dun & Bradstreet companies?

13. Do these companies file accounts in Ireland with the CRO and/or the Revenue Commissioners?

14. Are these Dun & Bradstreet company listings to enable the Garda Siochána to operate as private security firms and invoice contracting private companies for services provided?

I may have other questions at some future date but at this time I look forward to your responses.


Paul : Madden