It has been brought to our attention that Dublin City Council staff are allegedly working alongside Irish Water contractors in Dublin in a bid to try boost number of water meter being installed.

According to our sources it is alleged these council staff are turning up at contractors depots in the morning time in unmarked vehicles and blending into contractor crews by wearing the contractors uniform. Is this is a last ditch effort by Irish Water to try increase the number of installations with the collaboration of Dublin City Council ?

Due to strong protest resistance in certain areas it has become ever more expensive for the company to install water meters. In some areas the number of installations have fallen by up to 75% in areas where strong protest resistance has been ongoing.

It has also emerged that Irish Water will no longer pay contractors who have to stand down installation teams who are prevented from installing meters by protester resistance. Irish Water had been paying up to €2,000 a day per team of six, but this is no longer financially viable and so the contractors themselves will now have to foot the bill for workers wages. It has also emerged  that Garda security will also be cut.

Irish Water have stated they are up to three months ahead of schedule in areas for areas where contractors are not meeting any resistance, BUT installations in areas where protest resistance is strong are well behind schedule.

The overall view is that the whole project is now falling apart with workers been made redundant by contractors in certain areas and now disagreements are emerging between Irish Water and its contractors.

However we ask people not to become complacent and assume this beast has been defeated and encourage anti-water charge groups to up the anti by identifying these plants in the crews and continue with the protest resistance. This is a long war against these unjust charges and there is a long road to go but in the end we will be win. For we are the people and when we come together we can do anything.