April Fool


By : John Fairclough

From the deepest loughs and our rivers so clear,
From the clouds overhead every day of the year.
The liquid gold that Mother nature bestowed,
Is now being stolen by Chairman Mayo.
All Fools Day they sent out the demand
If you’re fooled into paying with your head in the sand,
Remember this day in the years soon to come,
And bow down with sadness and maybe a gun.
The courage of Connolly and Larkin and more,
Has been sold by Pol Pat and some ignorant whore,
For a place ‘neath the table to forage for crumbs
That are thrown by the Troika and the Bilderberg bums.
A huge Irish lion is restless and growing,
Unlike the past Tiger, this Lion is all knowing.
And soon, all together we can make it pass
We march to the Dáil, kick them out on their ass!