Anti Austerity Campaigners Not Asking Right Questions !

meter protesters


By Duleek Against Water Charges

Duleek Against Water Charges cannot understand why anti-austerity campaigners are not bringing to the attention of interviewers in the media that Irish Water contractors and Gardai are breaking the law.

During recent interviews by Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Show, Joe Duffy on the Joe Duffy Show and Michael Reade on LMFM radio they were crucifying water protesters for breaking the law of the land and breaching high court injunctions yet not one anti austerity campaigner been interviewed pointed out that Irish Water contractors were breaching a high court injunction which ruled boundary boxes in which these meters are been fitted are not fit for purpose.

Irish Water contractors are also breaking European Law and Irish Law by attaching surveillance equipment (smart meters) to a persons home without their consent which breaches a persons right to privacy. (Article 40.3 of the Irish Constitution)

Gardai are breaking the law by standing idly-by and refusing to take action against the contractors when they are breaking both laws outlined above. Further more Gardai are breaking the law by allowing Irish Water contractors breach road traffic laws when they are towing four wheel trailers without four wheel drive vehicles, Non display of DOE discs on window screens of commercial vehicles, having exempt tax discs on same vehicles when in fact you cannot obtain motor tax without a valid DOE. All these issues have been brought to the gardai’s attention by protesters on many occasions.

Duleek Against Water Charges calls on Paul Murphy and other anti austerity TD’s to begin to highlight these issues immediately and put the interviewers of O’Briens cartel back into their box.

These interviewers are quick to point out that five protesters broke the law of the land and breached a high court injunction by coming within a 20m exclusion zone of Irish Water contractors but they are not too quick to point out that government puppets are also breaking the law along with the people who are supposed to be upholding the law.