Anthony Connor, Out of Sight out of Mind at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Drogheda

Patients on Trolleys At Our Lady Of Lourdes

By Anthony Connor


Anthony Connor, of Direct Democracy Ireland has condemned the HSE Management and The Department of Health, he stated “The current trolley crisis within the HSE saw a new low yesterday Friday 13/11/15 at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda where a visit from the Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar witnessed no Patients on trolleys, instead they were hidden away in every available nook and cranny out of sight of the Minister and his entourage and this is completely unacceptable”.

The INMO Trolley Watch website for yesterday showed that 94 Patients were on trolleys in the Eastern Region with 19 of those Patients been at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital A&E Department, in Drogheda. But, mystery surrounds the whereabouts of these patients when Minister Varadkar eventually arrived he found the A&E Department trolley free.

Connor went on to the say “What a complete and utter pretence from our so called Health Management and it is no wonder that our Health Service is in such disarray and rapidly on its way to completely implode” the laughable part is Minister Varadkar was in Drogheda to visit the “Dignity4Patients” building in Grangerath but decided to take in a tour of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital while he was in here. What dignity was shown to patients who were hidden away out of sight? As Daniel O’Connell once stated, “Nothing is Politically Right, which is morally wrong”

Speaking to some staff at the hospital, who reported to me, that yesterday may have been the best day to find yourself acquiring the services of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital as Consultants and Doctors were in full attendance and Staff had been carrying out repair works and cleaning all week in anticipation of his stately like visit.

The question I have is, where will all the extra money will come from? That may have given The Minister an incorrect interpretation of the facilities/services that are been offered at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital – would it not have served the Management better to demonstrate to Minister Varadkar the deplorable conditions both Staff and Patients have to endure on a daily basis.