Alright, What’s The Plan For The Next Election, More Robbery?


So what are the political parties planning for us the Irish people in the next election, Is their plan our plan, or a dictated federal Europes plan ? Will their plan end austerity putting Ireland back on an even keel and a road to real recovery? …I don’t think they so. This government is clueless as to what needs to be done to start to get Ireland back to prosperity.

Its my opinion “They’re waiting for an imaginary friend to tell them the answers”

So come on Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein, Fine Gael and Labour tell us the people how you are going to put Ireland back on a even keel? and give us the people whom you leech of the balanced society we deserve.

I invite all  Socialist parties & all parties and independents to do the same.

IMO, Parties are so busy running after and licking holes at the EU commission their blind to the fact, its stripping us bare, tearing a nation apart. Taxing people who have nothing more to give and its all being kept quiet, while whispers secretly plan for our destruction.

This could be the beginning of the end of the world as we know it.

However at long last the people are beginning to wake up and rise up against a dictatorial group of incumbents.

Have this government learned nothing, Don’t they know there is more to be earned by deceit than by fair trade and honor. Something sadly lacking in our current politicians have I might say. yes men sitting on warm leather seats in the Dail are not representatives of the people.

Remember before the Euro came along, Ireland prospered and people were very happy, we had punts then so it was more difficult for the EU to get the wealth out of the country… But then we were conned into joining the euro and while we continued to prosper for a short while, a plan was being construed against us. we prospered just long enough to convert all the punts to yo yo’s. An illusionary currency backed by nothing, not even worth the paper its printed on.

Yipidooda we were in the black and us paddies partied and partied including our Government, they didn’t stop till 2008.

Banks like Anglo Irish, AIB & BOI had become reckless and remained unchecked and unregulated by government. they gambled in property markets built on sand..Which they must surely have known would eventually collapse and bankrupt them, their stockholders and the nation.. These were the lies hidden from the people, Why?

Now come the questions..

Why should we the people bailout gamblers and parasites who lost their money gambling in volatile markets ?

Why must so many pay for the mistakes of so few ?

Where was all this money coming from, What organisations were supplying it?

Why are no bankers or politicians in jail as they should be?.

Who was putting all this money into Ireland knowing the greed of the banks (who were only writing bad loans at this stage) and then sucked it all back out.

Was it a conspiracy by the EU to strip Ireland of its wealth? I think so

Were Fianna Fail deceived by the banks on the 30th of September 2008 ?

Jumping ahead of all the misery of lies and deceit which happened between 2008 and 2014 we arrive at at situation where our finance minister Michael Noonan say’s we are exiting the bailout…… but don’t get too excited what Michael means by WE is Irish, French German, US banks, Wall Street, London, Tokyo Stock Exchanges, Major Global Corporations, Media Giants, Police, Judiciary and politician’s are exiting the bailout. Not us the people or the country

Lets be straight here, not one of the parties who are pretenders to the government throne have a clue on how to fix this broken country, they only know how to rob us of any money we may have, and sell our assets to private companies for fractions of what their real worth is. Ignoring our constitution they all take an oath to uphold to do so.

Government do not possess the knowledge, skill or ability to fix it. Its time for the bullshit to stop and get on with a real solution or your really not worth even considering for a vote.

Will the charade of political parties continue into the next elections, there not really parties their one corporation with three departments and have always have been. Time will tell if an elected leader (something we are sadly lacking) can come through and save this great little country.

In order to do so we must make different choices, vote for different candidates who all not part of the big 3 political alliance, At the next elections just simply burn the leaches of the last 100 years from our backs and try something new something different.

A new dawn is trying to rise in Irish politics, while all the time suppressed by the incompetence of the last 100 years.