By Liam Deegan

Watching proceedings from the sideline always gives a better and calmer perspective on events as it means that when emotions such as hatred and anger are called into play, the objectivity flies right out the door and the truth can be seen for what it is. What I mean by this is that all I am seeing is astonished reaction to Denis O’Brien’s attempt to hush up the media that he doesn’t own. People are acting as if this is a great shock that Denis O’Brien has the power to do this number but the reality is that he hasn’t!

When we saw supposedly independent media outlets clam up like their namesake, what we saw was actually an irrational fear. The simple threat of legal action was enough in most cases, with the exception of one or two outlets quite rightly quoting how the constitution still works in this country and that not every bellow from the mouth of a tax exile has the clout that he thinks it has.

But what no one asked was this simple question… Where is the injunction?

Show us the injunction that stops every citizen and media outlet from talking about Catherine Murphy’s speech in Dail Eireann on how the IBRC has treated O’Brien to more great savings at the taxpayers expense. Solicitors for O’Brien were flinging pre-prepared letters out to anyone who cared to catch them on on the way out the door, but no one organisation or individual asked to see the actual injunction and what it encompassed.

Solicitors for O’Brien can scream and shout about the independent media breaching injunctions and human rights but the reality is that no one has seen what is actually contained in the injunction and I mean no one outside of the courts and RTE and O’Brien’s immediate legal team. What is so wrong with the mainstream media who cower and refuse to stand up and be counted especially when a billionaire who has proven himself to be a corrupt individual can wave letters in people’s faces but not have the injunction ready for inspection to back it up and yet it isn’t questioned by that same media?

Democracy in this country is under serious attack and it will only accelerate faster now that independence in reporting has been subdued of all that is left of the so called independent media and simply because RTE, Denis O’Brien and the government have played a brilliant hand of poker right under peoples noses.

Think about it…