Alan Dukes thinks he is qualified to throw stones at Catherine Murphy

alan dukes
A few little facts about Alan Dukes, seeing as he’s quite willing to throw in his twopence worth against Catherine Murphy.. by the way Mr Dukes, Catherine has come out with facts and figures, all you have done is come out with pathetic accusations to try and discredit her.. where is YOUR proof, where is YOUR evidence? Why cant you present any? What are you afraid of?

1) Dukes took over from Micheal Lowry as Minister for Transport, Energy & Communications after Lowry resigned in the wake of the ESAT affair where it was proved beyond doubt that Lowry had accepted financial inducements (bribes!) from Denis O’Brien in order to help him aquire the ESAT telecoms license.
2) Dukes then went on as Minister for Transport, Energy & Communications to conduct the enquiry into the ESAT scandal… a Fine Gael Minister investigating the corrupt dealings of another Fine Gael Minister (sound familiar?).. hence nothing was proven, no action taken, all swept under the carpet.
3) In 2008 Dukes was appointed as Public Interest Director on the board of Anglo-Irish Bank.
4) When Anglo-Irish was nationalised and the name changed to IBRC he then served on the board as Director up until 2013.
5) During this time, the sale of Siteserv to Denis O’Brien took place, under Duke’s stewardship, where the Siteserv directors were allowed to conduct the sale themselves, getting a payoff of €5million in the process (despite it being in liquidation).
6) Under Dukes’ watch, the Siteserv sale also cost the state €110 million, including the sale of Siteserv to O’Brien for €15 million less than a rival company were offering.
7) Under Dukes IBRC leadership, Denis O’Brien was allowed to pay off his multi million € loans at a rate of 1.5% compared to all other debtors being forced to repay at 7.5%. No reasons have been given. No evidence offered to the contrary despite all the bleating from Dukes, O’Brien and all his advisers, sycophants and accomplices.

These are facts. Not rhetoric. Not accusations… which is far more than Dukes & O’Brien are able to come out with.

Now Alan Dukes thinks he is qualified to throw stones at Catherine Murphy (on behalf of his buddy O’Brien of course). Given his own past he isnt fit to throw stones in the local pond.
What is Dukes really scared of.. what else is there to come out of the Siteserv and the low Interest Rate scandals concerning Dukes, IBRC, KPMG & O’Brien..
More importantly.. when are our media going to be brave enough to find out?