After the bullshit opinion polls yesterday it looks as if we will be lumbered with another right wing government

Bullshit Opinion Polls

By John Fairclough

Ok, I’m just putting this out there for sensible discussion. Feel free to contribute, but keep it real.

After the opinion polls yesterday it looks as if we will be lumbered with another right wing government after the next GE. It is therefore my opinion that we need, as a collective, to get behind Sinn Féin for the next election. Now, before you all tear me limb from limb, you can’t really expect the electorate to jump from years of right wing politics to a far left collection of AAA, PBP, etc Direct Democracy Ireland take the center ground. My belief is that we need to move slowly towards a left leaning government and the best way to get there is in stages. Sinn Féin, therefore, as the biggest “left” party is the obvious choice, in coalition with other, smaller left wing parties & independents, to lead us towards a better Ireland.

We have to start moving towards a political system that represents all our citizens and, in my humble opinion, that starts with SF. They may not be the Messiah, but, to my way of thinking, the alternative (more of the same neoliberal nonsense) is totally repugnant to what the mainstream Irish politico is looking for.

The left, far left & associated parties need to find common ground on which to contest the upcoming election and start representing the people who have been totally abused for years by the, so called, elite.

Sensible discussion around all major issues, health, water, welfare, investment, 1Yi, and all other concerns need to be addressed and the common grounds agreed on. Let’s get away from the politics of “we beat you” so what we say goes and fcuk the rest of you. We are all Irish, we are all human beings, we all need to be loved, we all need to be appreciated!

Why should anybody be scared to put their head above the parapets in case some bullying, self-important psychopath decides to ridicule your ideas, just because they have had a privileged education and can elucidate more eloquently ?