A well planned bankruptcy cycle


Sent to me by Des

On the 10th September 1928, “the State” and the “Puppet Government” of the day,
issued a currency called the Punt (Irish Pound) … accordingly seventy (70) years
later the punt was replaced by the Euro. By 1999 the “Irish Pound” was irrevocably
fixed to what we now call the Euro, and on the 9th. February 2002 the “Irish Pound”
ceased to be legal tender.

Any economist out there, worth his or her salt knows, any well planned “Bankruptcy Cycle”
takes seventy years to complete. Which means that, the only period in economic history
whereby “Ireland” has been financially Sovereign or Independent was between the years
1998 and 1999.

If as the economists say, a planned bankruptcy cycle take seventy (70), then that means,
that the next time “Ireland” is due to financially Sovereign/Independent will be in 2068.
In other words, in 2068 the Euro will expire, and another form of fiat currency will be
created and proliferated by the Postmaster General through the Central Bank.

In my view that is a long time to be living in or with austerity.

I have always wondered why the General Post Office (GPO) was the main target of the 1916
rising. In my view, the men and women that planned the rising were very conscious of the
message that they were trying to send out and educate the good People of this Island about.
The GPO controlled all the communications, commerce and trade that happened on the Island
of Ireland.

The GPO was the central financial hub of the British Empire (the Crown) on this Island.

The 1916 rising was not about starting or creating a bloody revolution, it was about trying
to educate the People of the Island, about what was really going on, and still is. The Men
and Women that were murdered as a consequence of the 1916 rising were done so as a
strategic measure. The Crown and latterly “the State” could not afford to have educated
and critically thinking People running about the place educating all the other People, and
thus no trials took place.

Again, in my view, waiting for 2068 to come about is a pretty long time … it is time now to
remove the Central Bank and their control over the issuance of their fiat currency. Perhaps
2016 would be an appropriate time for this to happen … on the anniversary of just a few of
the murdered Men and Women our People of this Island. It would be a terrible shame upon
their successors, the People of this Island, if this date were to pass without something
constructive and positive being achieved.

Just a thought …