A Statement from Anti Water Group Ballymun Says No

Ballymun Says no

By Ballymun Says No

Throughout Ireland the last year has seen an unprecedented level of protest, resistance and community building against the imposition of the water charges. The working people of Ireland, having endured six years of savage austerity, have taken a stand against the imposition this stealth tax, and the broader agenda of commodifying and privatising an essential public good and human right.

Each of us has been proud to play a part in this struggle: working with our friends and neighbours in building the campaign against the water charges, and standing shoulder to shoulder with one another in opposing the installation of water meters in our communities.

For taking this stand, we have been repeatedly hauled before the courts. A breathtaking High Court injunction granted to GMC Sierra has eviscerated our right to peacefully protest, and in the coming weeks and months a number of us will likely find ourselves committed to prison for refusing to abide by this unjust injunction.

As the New Year dawns, we want to take this opportunity to reiterate our commitment to the just, peaceful and determined resistance to these water charges. We wish, also, to thank all of those communities and individuals around the country who have stood with us, and who have carried on their own struggles against the water charges and meters.

We understand clearly that resisting these charges will result in hardship for us and our families, it has also become patently obvious to us that the law will provide no protection to working people. However, we believe the struggle to protect the human right to water for ourselves and future generations is so important that we are willing to endure whatever the State, in its various guises, throws at us.

With our families, friends and neighbours we have resolved that we will stand together and resist these unjust charges. Water is a public good and a human right, and we are willing to do whatever we must in order to defend these basic principles. The government and the various forces of the establishment are against us, but standing with communities throughout the country we know that we are right and we will win.