A Shambolic Nation Where Corruption Rules


“As nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such twilight that we all must be most aware of change in the air – however slight – lest we become unwitting victims of the darkness.” ― William O. Douglas

No matter what the politicians say about how great Ireland is and how we as a people, will always triumph, the fact is the nation is imploding. People are humped and broken with debt for the sins of private banks and corrupt political parties Fianna Fail, Fine Gael & labour.

Despite the desperate state of our country, you can rest assured that none of the problems that continue to plague our lives will be addressed by our so-called elected representatives in any credible, helpful way, and certainly not any time soon.

Consider the following facts:

This so called government regime is massively in debt. Currently, the national debt is somewhere in or around €228 bn. More than a quarter of that debt is a direct result of the disastrous bailout which is #NotOurDebt, BUT… It really doesn’t matter cos we are not able to pay it anyway, our provisional government has lost the plot.

debt clock
debt clock

Our education system is abysmal. Even so, we continue to insist on standardized programs such as common core education, which teaches  pupils to be test-takers rather than thinkers or problem solvers, most are unable to come up with simple solutions to simple problems.

Our Judicial system affords little protection against corrupt banks and their agents, or eviction by thugs, while all the time the markets (gamblers, bondholders & finance houses) tell us we need to buck up and pay back the money they lost gambling on an inflated property market. All the while the Justice system strips the country and the people of their businesses, dwellings and wealth at the behest of the banking cartels. Enabled by those elected representatives of the people who pass the legislation for this robbery take place. These same TDs then blame party whips and party politics for voting in a particular manner.

Our young people are left to rot on the unemployment lines, or shoved into some meaningless course to reduce the numbers on the live register, are pushed towards emigration or have become money-making enterprises for private corporations that have come to rely on government schemes like Jobsbridge and Seetec for cheap labor. Why aren’t they real jobs with real wages, at least give our young people a fighting chance, instead of exploiting them and selling them to corporate greed or exporting them to far off lands.

We are no longer a deemed a sovereign republic ( that which was proclaimed and won by the hero’s of 1916 declared in 1919 ), and stolen through the hoodwink of so called Independence and a free state in 1921. Since then, Ireland has become a corporate oligarchy, with all indications the elected representatives (with a few exclusions) represent the interests of the rich and powerful rather than the average Joe & Mary. I beg them or anyone else to tell me different.

We’ve got one of the most expensive and useless health care systems in the world compared to other european nations. Sick people are not afforded the dignity of privacy, while stacked and packed on trolleys in the hallways of our public hospitals, while others wait years for small operations that could enhance their lives, health and quality of life so much.

Nearly one out of every four Irish children live’s in poverty, ranking us among the worst in the developed world. Children go hungry everyday suffering while crude TDs pay themselves handsomely and never go without, sucking the system and terrorizing public purse dry.

Suicide, stress , distress, anxiety  anger, guilt, loneliness, sadness, fear you name it most of us are living it.

Irish people know little to nothing about their inalienable rights or how a government is supposed to operate. This includes educators and politicians. For example how many people knew that when Fianna Fail coerced us into voting for Lisbon, that,

It gave the EU much power and reduced our ability to stop decisions that are not in Ireland’s interests.

It gave over 100 additional powers to the EU on issues like international relations, security, trade and economic policy and in 60 of these powers we lose our right to stop laws which are not in our national interest.

It eroded our neutrality by drawing us into a common defence and obliging us to increase military spending.

It cut our voting strength on the Council of Ministers by more than 50%

It seriously undermines workers rights and public services,

If there is any absolute maxim by which the so called Irish government seems to operate, it is that the Irish taxpayer always gets ripped off. This is true, whether you’re talking about taxpayers being forced to fund private companies who steal our assets to be sold off piece by piece, or unfair taxes introduced on people’s homes to pay gamblers on a stock exchange. The politicians simply have no shame.

These are problems that will continue to plague our country unless and until Irish people wake up to the fact that we the people are the only ones who can change things. The fact that the whole world knows about such drug for potency as Viagra doesn’t mean that everybody uses it. However, its popularity at https://www.sehdph.org/viagra-100-mg/ is so great that one can’t turn a blind eye to it. The first and most important advantage is the level of scrutiny of Viagra. The drug has already passed many various tests, overcame lots of its opponents and proved its effectiveness with a minimum number of side effects. The compatibility of Viagra with other drugs has also been verified.

For starters, we’ll need to actually pay attention to what’s going on around us, and I don’t mean turning on the fake RTE news or reading the comic newspapers in which the so called government publish their lies, deceit confusion and chaos, which is their policy, claiming  to be victims themselves hiding behind oireachtas privileges. Start paying attention to what your schools are teaching or not teaching, what information they are requesting about your children. Pay particular attention to the TDs and councillors, especially which TDs are being wined and dined and by whom and for what?.

Most of  all, stop acting like it really matters whether you vote for Fianna Fail, Fine Gael Sinn Féin, The Socialists, or Labour in the charade played out at election time, because it doesn’t matter who you vote for cos they dont care about you.

I ask all you here present to start acting like a people who expect and start requiring the so called government work for you, rather than be the fools and believers or lies, deceived by sophisticated bullshit allowing themselves sell off our assets, steal our water, give away our children’s future, to corporate greed while lining their pockets with moneys from our public purse, secret bank transfers, gifts, brown envelopes and back door shenanigans all of which are downright fraud.

All of the signs point to something nasty up ahead. The time to act my friends is now, tomorrow could be too late.

Article 1 of 1919 Constitution clearly says what our forefathers wanted for us.

The sovereignty of the nation of Ireland is inalienable, It is therefore not within the competence of any generation of the people to SURRENDER that sovereignty, which each generation holds in trust for the nation. The question of surrender of national independence may not be submitted to an electorate.
Subject to that fundamental principal it is hereby declared that
ALL authority in Ireland – Legislative, Executive and Judicial, and ALL powers of government, are derived solely under God from the people of Ireland. These powers are inherent in the PEOPLE alone by virtue of their sovereignty. They must be exercised in accordance with the principals of Liberty, Equality and Justice for all. Any legislation not in accordance with these principals is hereby declared to be NULL and VOID.


We are the people, and when we join together we can do anything.

Beware the risen people.

Go raibh maith agat

Réa Mc Halla



The Rebel By  Padraig Pearse 

I am come of the seed of the people, the people that sorrow;
Who have no treasure but hope,
No riches laid up but a memory of an ancient glory
My mother bore me in bondage, in bondage my mother was born,
I am of the blood of serfs;
The children with whom I have played, the men and women with whom I have eaten
Have had masters over them, have been under the lash of masters,
and though gentle, have served churls.
The hands that have touched mine,
the dear hands whose touch Is familiar to me
Have worn shameful manacles, have been bitten at the wrist by manacles,
have grown hard with the manacles and the task-work of strangers.
I am flesh of the flesh of these lowly, I am bone of their bone I that have never submitted;
I that have a soul greater than the souls of my people’s masters,
I that have vision and prophecy, and the gift of fiery speech,
I that have spoken with God on the top of his holy hill.
And because I am of the people, I understand the people,
I am sorrowful with their sorrow, I am hungry with their desire;
My heart is heavy with the grief of mothers,
My eyes have been wet with the tears of children,
I have yearned with old wistful men,
And laughed and cursed with young men;
Their shame is my shame, and I have reddened for it
Reddened for that they have served, they who should be free
Reddened for that they have gone in want, while others have been full,
Reddened for that they have walked in fear of lawyers and their jailors.
With their Writs of Summons and their handcuffs,
Men mean and cruel.
I could have borne stripes on my body
Rather than this shame of my people.
And now I speak, being full of vision:
I speak to my people, and I speak in my people’s name to
The masters of my people:
I say to my people that they are holy,
That they are august despite their chains.
That they are greater than those that hold them
And stronger and purer,
That they have but need of courage, and to call on the name of their God,
God the unforgetting, the dear God who loves the people
For whom he died naked, suffering shame.
And I say to my people’s masters: Beware
Beware of the thing that is coming, beware of the risen people
Who shall take what ye would not give.
Did ye think to conquer the people, or that law is stronger than life,
And than men’s desire to be free?
We will try it out with you ye that have harried and held,
Ye that have bullied and bribed.
Tyrants… hypocrites… liars!